What are window monetary plants

What are window monetary plants

There are many signs and the charms designed to increase prosperity in the house. It is considered that similar ability also flowers have. Some usual houseplants, it appears, have unusual properties – they attract to themselves money.

Geranium – one of the most widespread and unpretentious inhabitants of windowsill. There are various grades of geranium giving white, pink, red and burgundy flowers. Several copies of plant are capable not only to recover even the faded apartment, but also to attract to it wealth. The lonely geranium will not bring benefit. These flowers prefer to work in couple. Also money will go to the house to those people on whose windowsill the geranium and azalea standing nearby flaunt.

Asparagus – the houseplant which is the real magnet for money and at the same time decoration of the apartment. However force of this flower has also reverse side. The asparagus will help you to become richer, but at the same time its owner is inclined to make rash acts and unplanned expenditure. This plant should be got that who is self-assured.

Crassula, krassula, or monetary tree – perhaps, the most popular live mascot designed to bring money to the house. In the books telling the hair dryer-shuy about the doctrine, crassula whole chapters in which it is in detail described are devoted, how exactly it is necessary to grow up this plant that it has attracted finance. It is desirable to put monetary tree at the window coming to the South. The your tree will be more magnificent, the more money at you will appear. But you remember that purchase of big beautiful plant in shop will not bring you good luck. The wealth will get only to what will grow up krassula independently.

Cactus – one more widespread inhabitant of city apartments. He should be brought to people for whom money is available, but at the same time are never late in purse. The neighbourhood with prickle teaches thrift, protects from rash wastes. The plant will promote that you have learned to distribute the finance which is available for you so that was enough for you for all the time which has remained to the following pay.

Aukuba – beautiful plant with motley leaves. Its numerous leaflets are covered with yellow impregnations. When on them the sun falls, impression is made that the aukuba is made of gold. For this feature the plant had had the second, speaking name – gold bush. Thanks to this feature there was also belief that the maintenance of aukuba in the apartment will attract money to the house. The mascot will be strongest if you receive it as a present. In turn, you can make pleasant to the relatives, having presented them the gold bush designed to improve their financial position.

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