What base is better for the house near the river

What base is better for the house near the river

The construction site located near water has the features. To choose view of the base, it will be required to consider type, relief of soil and other important factors.

The house on the bank of reservoir – dream of many. Before its construction it is necessary to consider several factors that will help to choose the reliable base for specific site. The main of factors – proximity to the river and the steepness of the coast. If the house needs to be built near break, special requirements are imposed to its basis.

The best base for the coast with difficult relief

The main danger in construction of housing at reservoir is constituted not by(with) proximity to water, but depth of underground waters. All of them, anyway, will go to the river that creates risk of formation of zone of mobile soil. Therefore for areas with high UGV (level of underground water) and difficult relief (either drive, or screw piles will be differences of height and proximity to break), the best base.

One more important point – soil type. At the river it can differ in heterogeneity, that is, its layers can be located not layers, and is quite chaotic. And the structure them can be miscellaneous. As builders speak: what the river has washed. Therefore it is important to find the place with uniform soil. But such opportunity is given not always. And in this case the base on drive or screw piles will be the best decision. Such basis is more reliable for several reasons: it has sufficient deepening, it is more difficult to shift set of support, than plate or tape, it is resistant to moisture influence. Optimal solution – screw piles. Their advantage is that they steel and are processed by corrosion-resistant coating. In addition, reliability of such base is guaranteed by feature of support: they are screwed in in soil until are established in its densest layer.

What base is better for the flat coast?

In this case construction of the house at the river differs in nothing from construction on any other site. For the choice of type of the basis it is necessary to consider the following factors: UGV, soil frost depth, its type, site podtaplivayemost. Before construction it is desirable to learn from neighbors whether the river spreads and how often, to pay attention to whether drainage systems are built at them. For frame constructions the device of the continuous or column footing will be the best decision. For heavier (brick or concrete) it is more reliable to put monolithic reinforced concrete slab. If on the site high UGV, you do not establish base of foundation below soil freezing point. In this case the melkozaglublenny film or plate will be the best decision. For two-storeyed houses as the basis it is recommended to choose drive or screw piles.

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