What base the best

What base the best

The choice of the base is considered in construction one of the most important questions. The base is responsible for durability and durability of the building. It is necessary to approach its construction with all responsibility.

It is required to you

  • Timbering, concrete solution, screw piles


1. Before beginning construction, it is necessary to check soil on the site. Only after that it is possible to choose base type. Them exists a little and all of them are applied at private construction. Also the choice of the base depends on building type.

2. Consider that the low-quality base can become the reason of distortions of base design. It has negative impact on load bearing walls of the house and also on roof structure. Therefore carefully choose construction materials, strictly observe construction method.

3. Continuous footing is considered the most widespread. It perfectly maintains heavy loads. It can be used at construction of houses of different altitude. Continuous footing will sustain loading from the three-storyed building.

4. It is idle time in construction and quite economic type of the base. The construction of tape type can be monolithic and assembly.

5. As a rule, monolithic continuous footing is most widespread in construction. Its production consists of several stages. At first the trench under the base is dug out, on its bottom sand which is carefully rammed is filled. Later reinforcing of base design is carried out.

6. For fastening of parts of design the welding or lashing wire is used. Then quality concrete solution which is filled in in timbering is prepared.

7. The column base is irreplaceable on unstable soil. Depth of underlay of such base reaches 3 meters. The design consists of separate columns which establish under each corner of the building and on each crossing of load bearing walls.

8. Usually in construction already ready columns are used, but them it is possible to make also with own hands.

9. On complex soil it is the best of all to build the pile screw base. Initially such type of the base was developed for the military purposes. Its use allowed to lay high-voltage lines through sites with the weak or frozen soil.

10. Today given technology widely use in the sphere of country construction. The pile screw base can be used on uneven sites.

11. The screw pile represents the pipe having the sharpened tip. Piles are screwed in in soil, installation depth at the same time can be different. It is good to use such piles on soil with various bearing capacity.

12. If to compare the pile screw base to tape, the first differs in lower cost. This type of the base can be built on peat soils with high content of water.

13. Mounting of the pile base is expedited, piles can be used several times. But it is necessary to consider that the base is characterized by shrinkage large-scale.

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