What base to make for owner-occupied dwelling on clayey ground

What base to make for owner-occupied dwelling on clayey ground

Durability of the base is defined by what basis has been chosen for its construction. The soil on which the house will be built is more quality, the will longer serve the building. Therefore it is necessary to treat question of the choice of soil responsibly and with skill.

Types of soil

Distinguish artificial and natural soil. Today clayey and sandy grounds are considered as the most widespread. Clay consists of clay and sand. As such soil contains large number of capillaries, is abundant inhausting water, at laying of future base it is necessary to consider this feature in order to avoid buoyancy. In this case the depth of underground waters is important. Red clay contains the sand which is passing water, and blue clay – on the contrary, saves moisture. Therefore, on the clayey ground containing red clay it is the best of all to construct continuous footing.

Process of the organization of soil on the clay base

The first that should be made at construction of the base is digging of the soil. Here it is the best of all to use the caterpillar, but not wheel loader as the frontal mechanism of the crawler loader has big maneuverability and performance.

The next stage is charge of the basis. Crushed stone, sand and soil is part of the basis. Before charge the soil is humidified and after the basis is filled, carry out tamping. Further mount timberings on height up to 30 cm. By means of the pegs established at distance 1.5 meters, boards timbering reliably strengthen with each other. That water did not filter into soil, it is necessary to concrete stiffening fins. Do it thus: on all perimeter of the base lay grooves and place armature. The final stage is filling of all site concrete. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the surface of the base was plain and protected from the weather phenomena. When the base it is finished, pass to socle construction. For good ventilation in socle make outlets the sizes of 15x15 cm at the height of 10 cm from earth surface. At superficial proleganiye of underground waters the base on piles is applied. Forming of reinforced concrete pillow allows to protect the building from buckling and other manifestations of instability of soil. As piles stuffed or drilling designs of different form and the sizes are used. The choice of type of the base on the clay basis depends on many parameters. The most optimum is the mixed option. The main thing that the base was below freezing zone. And the column base is considered the most economic option. But it is possible to use such base only under easy houses and on motionless soil.

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