What base to make for the greenhouse of polycarbonate

What base to make for the greenhouse of polycarbonate

The base for the greenhouse can be made of polycarbonate in two ways. If to know stages and features of mounting of each of them, it is possible to choose the most acceptable for specific conditions. The basis for the greenhouse can be built by own efforts.

It is required to you

  • - construction level
  • - bar
  • - armature with a section of 12 mm
  • - cement
  • - sand
  • - sawn timber for timbering


1. Installation of the greenhouse from polycarbonate will require the base. The tree (bar) or concrete can form the basis. The second is preferable the fact that he allows to wall in the base of rack of framework of the greenhouse. It does it to steadier. But in regions where there are no strong winds and considerable snow loads, the wooden basis will approach. It is built for greenhouses everywhere, despite of the recommendations of producers. When life cycle of bar comes to end, it can be replaced new.

2. The wooden base is established as follows: at first from thick boards or bar collect frame, the sizes corresponding to greenhouse perimeter. Wood needs to be processed previously anti-septic tank. Further prepare bars of armature with a section not less than 12 mm and 80-100 cm long. Level the site on which the greenhouse will be established and lay on it frame. She can be collected in the place or nearby. By means of hydrolevel check correctness of installation: the bar has to lie strictly horizontally. Then, since one of base corners, bury armature rods with step of 90 cm. Over the surface of the soil no more than 50 cm of bar have to tower.

3. The device of concrete bed is much more difficult also process this more labor-consuming. But such base is more reliable and durable. Begin work with marking and excavation of trench. The ditch has to be located on perimeter of the greenhouse and have depth of 30-40 cm. Width of concrete tape can be small: 10-15 cm. Level bottom of trench across. Further fill sand in ditch. Then level it by means of hydrolevel and stamp. Height of sandy layer has to be 5-7 cm. The same way lay layer of crushed stone 10-15 cm high.

4. Manufacture the metal gauze of scraps of armature and lashing wire. It is required for concrete reinforcing. Then decide on height of the base and start mounting of timbering. In it lay grid from armature. Through each 90 cm on both sides of the base strictly the friend opposite to the friend establish armature bars, sticking them in soil.

5. Then in timbering it is possible to fill in concrete. For its preparation take 1 part of M400 cement and 3 parts of the sifted sand. Add water so much that mix was fluid, but rather viscous. If the greenhouse is going to be used also during the winter period, it is possible to warm the base. For this purpose level walls of ditch, condense and impose with sheets of polyfoam 3-5 cm thick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team