What beds to break in front of the house

What beds to break in front of the house

If you love the nature, appreciate beauty and want to give to the personal plot originality and identity, you need to break bed in front of the house. Today there are several types of beds under different financial opportunities, labor costs and esthetic preferences.

1. If you are limited in means or love minimalism, pay attention to mono-beds of one plant. They are cheap in arrangement and demand the minimum leaving further. At the same time flowers or other plants of one look can be very different externally.

2. Those at whom the space for bed is extremely limited can pay attention to vertical beds. They are usually created from several rows of the flowerpots connected by one skeleton (column, grid or screen). Also such beds will well look on house wall. Keep in mind that their arrangement rather trudozatratno.

3. Symmetric beds will be suitable for perfectionists and fans of the correct geometrical forms. For arrangement of this type of beds use several plant species (is normal from two to five) having the identical period of blossoming. This type of beds very much trudozatraten on care for plants.

4. Landscape beds will be suitable for fans of randomness and naturalness (or miksborder). In such beds of plant are located chaotically with violation of all rules of geometry that makes impression of natural growth and blossoming. On beds of this look most often land several plant species, both one-year, and long-term which blossom at various times years.

5. If you have opportunity to allocate the large territory under bed, consider the possibility of disembarkation of carpet bed. These beds make of dwarfish plants in the form of in advance thought over pattern or the drawing. At breakdown very important role is played by sequence of planting of plants.

6. If you own the ancient estate, you best of all will suit beds orchestra seats. They repeat certain parts of architecture of surrounding buildings, creating with them one ensemble. Also you can connect bed orchestra seats to bed arabesky when flowers and plants land in the form of animals or insects.

7. If in the territory of your site there are a lot of paths and separate objects of landscaping (fountains, small flower beds, etc.) use in registration of bed job and border. The job, is ranks of plants in width from 0.5 to 2 m planted along paths, and the border, strips up to 0.5 m landed around landscape elements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team