What berry the most sweet

What berry the most sweet

The most sweet berry in the world to call difficult: the sweet taste depends not only on species of plant, but also on ripeness, the place of growth, conditions of cultivation and other factors. Grapes, wild strawberry, strawberry, raspberry can fight for this rank, some call also watermelon. And berries of exotic plant sinsepalum dultsifikum not only sweet, but also change flavoring receptors of the person.


Grapes are often called the most sweet berry, but the sweet of grapes depends on grade: wine "Isabella" is known for the sourness therefore it does not do for this rank. Grades of Alex (their juicy fleshy pulp has the saturated sweet taste), Alice (crispy dense berries), Aman (differs not only sweet taste, but also thin tasty skin), Anyuta (sweet grapes with muscat smack) and also Arcadia, Sofia, Bazhena and many others have the high content of sugar.

All of them have a little different shades of taste, but everything almost equally sweet. It is explained by large amount of fructose, sucrose and pentose in their structure. The amount of these sugars increases in process of maturing of berries, and by the time of maturity reaches almost identical value at all garden grades – to 30%.

Scientists say that among all berries and even many fruits grapes are in the lead on the content of sugar therefore it it is possible by the right to call the most sweet berry.

Wild strawberry and other berries

Wild strawberry and all similar berries – garden wild strawberry, different grades of strawberry – too are considered as very sweet in comparison with other berries. Depending on grade they can contain about 10% of sugars (generally glucose and fructose, sucrose in them are not enough) that it is much less, than in grapes therefore officially it is impossible to call them the most sweet. Nevertheless on flavoring feelings its sweet is quite comparable with grapes, and it seems to some more with pleasure. Raspberry may contain up to 11% of sugars – sucrose, fructose, pentose. Fruits of sweet cherry which belongs to plum sort incorporate the same content of sugar too. Often the most sweet berry call watermelon – in it to 13% of glucose, sucrose and fructose.

But if to speak from the botanical point of view, all listed above fruits, except grapes, berries are not: watermelon is tykvina, wild strawberry and strawberry – false berries, raspberry – stone fruit.

Exotic berries

Strange berry under the difficult name sinsepalum dultsifikum grows in the African forests. It has very unusual properties: ordinary-looking by sight and sweetish on taste, it influences receptors of language of the person. As a result his flavoring feelings change: sour products become sweet on taste, and sweet – bitter. Fruits of zizifus, one more exotic plant, too in life call berries, and their structure contains about 30% of sugars. On sweet these berries known as the Chinese dates, do not concede to grapes.

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