What best grade of strawberry for midland

What best grade of strawberry for midland

Garden strawberry - the most popular culture in our gardens. It is rich with useful minerals, vitamins, is very tasty. To avoid disappointment at its cultivation, it is necessary to get the zoned grades resistant to conditions of climatic zone.

Why garden strawberry is so popular

Most of keen gardeners grow up strawberry on the garden and seasonal dachas. It is one of the most popular garden cultures as berries have gentle and rich taste, pleasant unique aroma, they contain various microelements and vitamins necessary for human body: potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and many others.

Cultivation strawberriesof delivers to gardeners and esthetic pleasure: strawberry bushes with large ripe berries on well-groomed beds look is delightful, allow gardeners to see results of the efforts and on the right to be proud of them. In promoting of garden strawberry the invaluable contribution is made by selectors – all are annually removed the grades, new, more fruitful and resistant to diseases, satisfying to the most exacting taste and considerably facilitating cultivation of this garden culture.

The culture of cultivation of garden strawberry is known for a long time, since the time of Hippocrates.

What grades of garden strawberry happen

It is possible to distinguish three big groups differing from each other for maturing from huge variety of grades of strawberry: early, average and late. Each group finds the admirers, and competent use them in garden allows to stretch fructification term for 2-3 months and to receive fresh berries practically all season, from spring to fall.

On the content of useful substances of berry of garden strawberry take the steady leading positions among garden cultures.

From early grades are popular "early Chisinau", "early Biryulyovo", "Alpha"; from averages – "Festival", "Delicious", Vityaz, many others. Among late grades it is possible to note "Leningrad late", Bogota, "Saxon", Zenit.

The best grade of strawberry for midland

Finds selectors allow to grow up these useful berries almost throughout our country. If it is correct to choose grades for landing, it is possible to grow up with success strawberry in the garden both in midland, and in the Urals, and in Siberia. Of course, it is necessary to make more efforts for preservation of bushes from destruction by frost in severe winters and from perishing in the spring, but the result is worth it. There is no division of grades of garden strawberry into northern and southern, however upon purchase of bushes it is necessary to give preference to those grades which are zoned for your climatic zone. It can be done, if to buy seedling of garden strawberry in specialized nurseries. Getting planting stock there, it is possible to be sure that it more, than others, is suitable for your site. It will allow to minimize risks at cultivation of strawberry. Among strawberry grades for midland it is possible to note "Kokinsky early". This grade yields good harvests of medium-sized berries, with high tastes. Having made some efforts, it is possible to reap the strawberry harvest during the whole summer and to receive natural vitamins at once from bed.

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