What border perennials happen

Border perennials will change garden paths. By means of low plants it is possible to lay out flower pattern on lawn or to make for it motley bordering. Well they look and on the Alpine hills.

Daisies and other flowers

Border perennials exists much. These are low magnificent flowers. Some of the most unpretentious – daisy. From the middle of May until the beginning of July you can sow them on seedling directly on bed. The earth has to be friable. If it heavy, then mix it with sand or peat. Plant seeds in damp borozk which depth only 2 mm and from above powder with peat.

Soon there will be shoots. When it executes month, can plant seedling on the constant place, at distance of 15х15 cm from each other. If you want designers of borders to sit more densely to each other, then reduce these numbers to 10х10 cm.

Care for daisies is minimum. During drought water them, 2 times during the season feed up full mineral fertilizer. Delete deflowered buds as they not really well look, and the created seeds, having fallen to the earth, will sprout, creating thickness of landings. Besides plants will begin to spend forces for ripening of seeds instead of directing them to own needs. In the same way it is possible to grow up also many other border perennials, for example, akvilegiya. Too it is quite simple to multiply it seeds. Once is enough to make of it, and motley inflorescences on thin stalks will please many years. Daisies blossom since May and almost all summer, and akvilegiya – only in May-June, as well as the obriyet. It is very decorative and will please with inflorescences of various colors these months. Put low grades of lilac iris. Its bright, bizzare shape buds are decorative and smell sweet as honey aroma.

The charming natural creations blossoming all summer

If you need wide strip of border perennials which will blossom all summer, then plant several pochvopokrovny roses in one row at distance of 60 cm from each other. The plant is unpretentious, but well reacts to fertilizing by organic chemistry. For winter of rose it is enough to cover with fir twigs or nonwoven fabric, previously having powdered trunk on 7 cm with peat. If you want bordering of paths to be absolutely low, white or violet, then put alissum. The plant grows to only 10-12 cm and blossoms since the beginning of summer and to frosts. The same long period the verbena is decorative, but it reaches in height of 45 cm therefore can decorate outer side of border. Speaking about what border perennials happen, it is necessary to mention also thrift, grechevka, molodila, ayuga, hand bell. Coloring of its buds is rich and various. You can choose hand bell of the favourite color for landing. It is simple to grow up pink, white, violet, blue, lilac. That white did not pereopylitsya, put him separately from color grades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team