What brick the best for the base

What brick the best for the base

There are several types of brick, but only one of them is suitable for construction of the base. To buy quality construction material, it is important to builder to know rules of its choice.

At independent construction of the small house it is possible to use the brick base. It is favorable that it is inexpensive and allows the builder to manage by own efforts, without involving paid assistants.

Types of brick

There are two types of this construction stone: silicate and clay. It is simple to distinguish them: the first - white color, the second – red. In turn, the clay brick is divided into three types: ordinary, front, special. All these materiaola are intended for performance of different types of works. The reason for that difference in properties and manufacturing techniques. The lime sand brick has smaller density, than red therefore is less strong and is not capable to sustain considerable weight loadings. It with success is applied in construction of superstructures and facing of buildings, but for construction of the base is unsuitable.

What brick can be used for the base

For the device of foundation of the house it is possible to consider only one type of brick: the corpulent private (there is also hollow). Front will not be suitable for this purpose as its purpose is to revet. The special brick is refractory therefore it is used for laying of furnaces and flues. The red ceramic brick has high moisture-proofness, durability, heat conductivity within norm. This stone can be used for underground designs, but it does not mean that it does not demand protection against moisture. Ordinary corpulent brick vlagoustoychiv therefore quickly from influence of water will not collapse. However it nevertheless absorbs number of moisture. Therefore the base needs to be waterproofed in addition well by means of bitumen, water-repellent mastics or roofing material. In order that foundation of the house was durable, it is necessary to be able to choose brick correctly. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to form and color of stones. If at survey of several pieces convex or concave edges are found, so the manufacturing techniques of this construction material have been broken. Such changes in shape of stone report about excessive roasting. Such material will not be suitable for construction of the base as it is predisposed to fast cracking. If color of brick is closer to scarlet, it is unsuitable too for construction of foundation of the house as roasting its insufficient. Such stone quickly absorbs moisture and quickly collapses. The noteworthy brick has to be equal, without cracks and chips, pleasant dark orange color. The base from such construction material will be really strong and durable.

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