What carrots grades happen

What carrots grades happen

Carrots – very tasty and useful root crop cultivated more than 4 thousand years. It is champion on carotene content. Its transformation to vitamin A is most effective in combination with fats. Besides, in carrots there are a lot of microelements and minerals, vitamins of the B, C, D, E group. After cooking the antioxidant abilities of root crop only amplify. On assurances of experts, in boiled carrots useful substances than in crude remain longer. Many gardeners with success grow up this useful culture on the kitchen garden.


1. Early carrots are sowed at the end of April. Among representatives of this grade: Alenka – tasty root crop of beautiful orange color. Its length reaches 12 cm "Belgiyen Whyte" – in appearance the inconspicuous culture of white color after heat treatment exhales appetizing unique aroma. Use for suppression and frying. Dragon – outside root crop has bright violet color, inside bright orange. Exhales the peculiar smell disappearing after heat treatment.

2. "The Parisian Karotel" – the most known grade of carrots attracting with tastes. Color of root crop orange, form – ovoid. "Пармекс" – juicy root crop with gentle taste, bright orange color, suitable for house preparations. Small extent of spherical shape. It allows to plant culture in soil with thin fertile layer.

3. Grades mid-season sow after April 25, but not later than the middle of May. Examples of widespread grades: "Vitamin" – cylindricity of root crop reaches length of 20 cm. Evenly painted bright orange color. "Viking" – the juicy carrots peg-shaped with gentle pulp. Length of root crop is up to 20 cm. Content of carotene is higher than norm.

4. "Typhoon" – orange tasty pulp. The cone-shaped root crop, length does not exceed 17 cm. "Chance" – juicy tasty carrots with dense, big core. Form cone-shaped with the truncated stupid tip. It is suitable for storage.

5. The grades intended for long storage sow after June 10. Late-ripening grades of carrots: Valery – high-yielding grade. Outside root crop of red color, in yellow. The form is conical. It is perfectly stored.

6. "Vita Long" – evenly painted root crop. Differs in the high content of sugar. Is suitable for baby food. Well grows and ripens on any soils. Olimpus – long spindle-shaped root crop. Its juicy and nice to the taste pulp. "Шантанэ" – root crop form conic. Evenly orange color, very tasty. Differs in big productivity.

7. Remarkable tastes of carrots are complemented with its ability to help the people having some diseases. It is used at stenocardia, ischemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases. Apply juice and seeds of root crop.

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