What color there have to be curtains in the red room

What color there have to be curtains in the red room

If you choose curtains for the room sustained in red color gamma it is necessary to consider color of furniture and accessories which will complement interior. Besides, the choice of color of curtains in many respects will define that general impression which will be made by the room in red tones.


1. White color in combination with red neutralizes aggressive and exciting action of the last a little. White curtains will give to interior freshness and also allows to broaden the room visually. White curtains in the red room with white or black furniture will be best of all to look.

2. Gold color of curtains in red interior will create the atmosphere of respectability and solemnity. Gold curtains will be combined especially well with dark shades of red. In such room it makes sense to use black accessories – it will enhance effect. Furniture in style hi-tech or minimalism, only classical will not be suitable for such room, and it is even better antiquarian furnishings.

3. Yellow or orange color in combination with red, will fill the room with light, will create the solar and joyful atmosphere. Curtains of yellow or orange color perfectly will be suitable for the nursery or kitchen. But it is worth showing care: such combination of flowers in the room which is already lit with the sun will create feeling of "overheating". Besides, for excessively excitable people such colors are contraindicated – they stimulate nervous system. And in kitchen the bright warm shades promote increase in appetite.

4. Green color of curtains in the red room is appropriate too if to remember that red and green are contrast colors therefore it is better to choose not too bright shades of that and other tone and also "to counterbalance" color gamma of interior, having picked up more than white or light brown parts. Also black accessories will approach.

5. Brown color in itself quiet and "ordinary" in combination with red will allow to create in the room the atmosphere of solidity and even some stiffness. In such room the furniture in ancient English style, for example, in Victorian will be appropriate.

6. The combination of pink curtains and red walls will introduce east color to the room. This combination looks a little unusual, but will be suitable for registration of the room in exotic style. As additional color impregnations in such interior are possible warm yellow, lemon, ochry tone. It is better to pick up furniture henna-red color.

7. Curtains of gray or blue-gray color in combination with light-red walls will create the atmosphere of rest in the room. This combination will show to advantage most if to add interior in white, beige, golden or dark brown color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team