What color to make ceiling

What color to make ceiling

Most often we think of color registration of the room, meaning only walls, the ceiling at the same time traditionally remains white. Someone considers that it "raises" it, visually increasing space. In certain cases it and works. But it is sometimes too boring. And color will add to the room of identity and will help to create mood. The main thing - that it repeated in 2-3 parts.

If you want to raise visually ceilings, warm colors and shades do not approach. You need to choose from cold gamma. If you have high ceilings, and you want them to lower a little, use only warm colors. It will help to create more intimate atmosphere, to add cosiness. Get acquainted with the provided samples to understand what is pleasant to you more, and to think up own option.

Pink color will help "to reduce" room height. Bright pink shades not only will reduce height, but also will help to be adjusted on positive, to create youth style.

Yellow color suits the rooms deprived of natural light. Yellow shades will draw attention to unusual form of ceiling and will fill the room with heat and joy. This color needs to be repeated in finishing of walls or textiles.

Saturated orange it is necessary to counterbalance with quiet shades in finishing of walls and floor. This color will fill with energy and will present feeling of freedom or aspiration to creativity – depending on the chosen shade. Do not overdo with parts, be accurater.

Deep lilac color on ceiling of the matrimonial bedroom will help to relax, forget quicker about vanity and stresses of the last day, will adjust on romantic or lyrical harmony. Emphasize singularity of ceiling with different parts, warmer and saturated shade of the same color.

With shades of blue color it is possible to play. Depending on the size and the illumination of the room, selecting tone is lighter or is more dark, more saturated or quiet, you can create mood solemn or playful, strict or pensive. Consider that it will change depending on surrounding parts.

Set of shades of green color are associated with purity and health, youth and natural force. Will be suitable both for children's rooms, and for the living room. The main thing, is correct to choose tone. Lime will be suitable for small rooms more. In more spacious it is possible to use emerald greens.

The freshness, romanticism and powerful energy distinguish turquoise color from others. It will help you to be adjusted on fast rhythm, will add confidence and will fill with feeling of harmony. Is suitable both for the bedroom, and for the living room.

Remember that successfully chosen color of ceiling will help to make visually the room higher or lower, to expand, add volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team