What colors to choose for the bathroom

What colors to choose for the bathroom

To make the bathroom bright or to issue it in pastel tones is matter of taste of owners. The main thing is to observe harmony and balance of shades at registration of interior. There are several rules which will help competently and with taste to equip the bathroom.


1. When choosing color for registration of the bathroom it is necessary to consider the fact that this room usually does not differ in the big sizes. The large bathroom - the phenomenon rather rare therefore generally at registration of this room the shades adding to the room feeling of space are used.

2. Many consider that white color is optimal solution for the small bathroom. However it is not absolutely right. The white color which is not diluted with other shades looks rather sadly and if in the white bathroom bright color accents are not placed, such room begins to suggest idea of medical institution. Therefore designers advise to combine white with other, more "cheerful" flowers.

3. Dark and gloomy shades also not the best option for decoration of the walls in the bathroom. These colors can be used as additional as as dominating dark tone look gloomy and depressing.

4. As optimum colors for registration of the bathroom are considered such as lime, pistachio, lavender, terracotta. These shades will help "to recover" the room, and they can be used as basis.

5. At registration of small bathrooms the experts advise to use two shades combined with each other. For example, it is possible to use such combinations: lilac and pink, blue and blue, lime and green. However contrast combinations of flowers look not less effectively. Especially, if contrast colors not too bright. Kind of it is strange sounded, but contrast shades visually do the small bathroom is more spacious.

6. Orange is one of the most popular colors for registration of the bathroom. Bright, positive, juicy, this color casts good mood and does bathroom interior original and stylish. The muffled shades of orange color, such as peach, it is possible to use for walls and surfaces of furniture whereas bright tone are suitable more for small parts which want to be emphasized. Orange it is possible to combine with such flowers as gray, white, blue and cream.

7. The bathroom issued in red color gamma looks too brightly and therefore suits only those who lack energy. Aggressive red visually does the room already therefore designers advise those who is admirer of this color to use at registration of the bathroom red furniture or elements of decor in red color gamma. Basic color at the same time can be white, gray, or cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team