What cucumbers the most fruitful

What cucumbers the most fruitful

The productivity of cucumbers depends on many factors. For example, from where you grow up them, from resistance of vegetable to diseases, from weather conditions of the region. Selectors constantly work on removal of new productive varieties and very many plants which successfully fructify even in not the most favorable conditions are already received.


1. Among the most productive varieties for the closed soil it is possible to note "Pinocchio's F1". It is early hybrid, and very fruitful. At the beginning of summer you will be able already to regale on the first cucumbers. Fruits of average length (up to 8 cm). Picklings are suitable both for preparation of salads, and for salting, and.

2. Big harvest is yielded by cucumbers of grade of Zozul, fruits long from 20 to 30 cm in length. Very fragrant therefore perfectly are suitable for preparation of salads and okroshka. It is possible to remove up to 7 kg of cucumbers from one bush.

3. Stable productivity at hybrids "Spirit of F1". It is cucumber of buketny type, that is can form up to 10 ovaries in one bosom. Equal fruits, average length — 12-15 cm. The plant is suitable both for cultivation in greenhouses, and in the open ground.

4. Cold-resistant and shade-enduring hybrid "Emerald stream of F1". It is cucumber of salad type, fructifies constantly and quite long period therefore you will it is guaranteed are provided with harvest during the whole season.

5. In the open ground the most fruitful the grade checked not by one generation of gardeners "Altai early 166" by right is considered. Early cucumber. In 40 days after emergence of shoots it is possible to taste the first fragrant cucumbers.

6. Up to 10-12 kg from 1 square meter. Such harvest is yielded by grade "Nugget". Fruits are not really large, but there is a lot of them on one plant. Side lashes the cucumber forms not really much therefore the bush can be not formed that is very convenient for busy summer residents.

7. Very tasty salty cucumbers of hybrid "Swallow of F1". The plant is very resistant to mealy dew therefore the steady harvest — is guaranteed. However the productivity considerably decreases in northern areas and in Siberia.

8. Grade fruits "Farmer" are universal, they are suitable also for preparation of salads, both for pickling, and for salting. But the most important quality of this cucumber — its productivity, under favorable conditions the plant gives up to 12-14 kg from 1 square meter of landings. However grade late-ripening therefore fruits appear only in 2 months after emergence of the first shoots.

9. Excellent hybrid for the discovered and closed soil - "Masha F1". The plant which is self-pollinated with mainly female type of flowers. At the same time on one knot about 7 fruits can be tied, at the same time "Masha" has excellent taste, zelenets do not taste bitter and perfectly saltings are suitable both for the fresh use, and for pickling and also.

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