What curative plants to plant on the site

What curative plants to plant on the site

If on your garden site there was a little free space, set it with curative plants which will help you to cope with many illnesses. The herbs planted at the dacha carry out several main roles at once: are effective remedy in pest control, as eco-friendly medicinal raw materials and serve as excellent decoration of beds.


1. Put on the personal plot all diseases medicine having the true healing power – ginseng. This plant possesses the toning, anti-inflammatory and stimulating action, regulates exchange processes in organism and makes large amount of positive impacts. The ginseng has also decorative properties. Blossoming of this plant in midland begins since June tenth and comes to an end at the beginning of July.

2. If you have decided to be engaged seriously in cultivation of ginseng, pave the way, it has to be approximate on the structure to forest. Collect all faded vegetation in the spring and put in shoulder, add one part of leaves, three parts of the earth from the wood, one part of sawdust, the same amount of the rotted-through sawdust. Carefully mix everything and lay in heaps, for the best peregnivaniye water with hot water. By fall the great, nutritious and easy earth is formed. The ginseng does not love excessive opacity and does not transfer bright sun, use the shading boards from wooden rails.

3. Medicinal sage – excellent remedy which can be grown up independently on the site. Infusion from this plant will help to cope with sore throat, besides the sage enters structure of medicinal collecting – gastric, chest, emollient. The sage blossoms in May-July, and fruits ripen in August-September. Violet, collected flowers in verticils. This drought-resistant and thermophilic plant sometimes freezes even in the southern strip therefore cover for winter of bed with sage straw. Sow seeds in the early spring or late fall on depth of three-five centimeters. Leaving comes down to rykhleniye of row-spacings, regular weedings and fertilizing by dung water. You make watering as necessary.

4. In general at the dacha it is possible to grow up many various curative plants – marjoram, mint, fennel, motherwort, caraway seeds, St. John's wort and camomile. They perfectly cope with catarrhal, infectious diseases and not only. To get mint bed at own dacha, many efforts are not necessary. Feed up the earth compost and arrange bed in half-shade. It is recommended to land mint in big clay pot without the bottom, thanks to it, it will not expand on all site and will not turn into weeds.

5. Plant pharmaceutical camomile in August, it is possible to make it in two weeks before frosts, covering with peat cover. The camomile is very useful at inflammatory and catarrhal diseases, it with success is applied in the cosmetic purposes.

6. St. John's wort – unpretentious herb which does not demand special care. On one place the St. John's wort can grow about ten years. It is recommended to sow St. John's wort in ten days before frosts, then it will ascend in already early spring. It remarkably the plant is useful at neuralgia, cold and heart troubles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team