What curtains can be hung up on non-standard window

What curtains can be hung up on non-standard window

At registration of non-standard windows there are certain difficulties of selection and fastening of curtains. They have to not only fit harmoniously into the general interior, but also emphasize unusual form of window, turning non-standard aperture into effective element of decor.

Curtains for erkerny windows

Deciding what curtains to decorate erkerny window, it is necessary to pay special attention to the wall width which is located between windows. At small apertures of window it is worth curtaining light tulle, and to frame sides with curtains from dense fabric. In case of availability between windows of long distance, the best decision will be to hide it behind the curtain having drapery.

Despite quantity of windows indoors, it is important to make out them in uniform style. At the same time the color gamma can be various. So, in the presence in the room with bay window of normal window opening, it is possible to place emphasis on erkerny design by means of bright color or effective ornament on curtain.

At the expense of correctly picked up erkerny curtains, it is possible to smooth all unsuccessful proportions of window opening of erkerny view with ease.

Curtains for arch windows

Registration of arch windows is the most difficult. First of all the problem is caused by the choice of eaves. It is made only under the order, and its form and design is defined not only the window sizes, but also design of future curtains. Most often for tailoring of arch curtains use such fabrics as tulle and portieres. In this case two portieres are taken on both sides, and the curtain from tulle freely goes down to floor. Beautifully the arch window with asymmetric curtains and pleated curtains looks. Except original exterior, they are extremely convenient in use and are very compact.

Curtains for dormer-windows

In the presence of dormer-windows it is not necessary to count on creation of classic style. However they perfectly fit into hi-tech, techno, kitsch and vanguard style. At the same time curtains can be made not only of fabric, but also of paper or plastic. The beautiful view to dormer-windows is given by curtains of rolled type. They are practical, well scatter light and give to the room elegance.

Curtains for panoramic windows

Panoramic windows have rather wide aperture which if desired can be reduced visually. For this purpose it is enough to hang up on curtain window with side lambrequin. Also the drawing will be of great importance at the same time. It is desirable to avoid small patterns, strips and cages as such curtains will tastelessly look. The rich look to panoramic windows will be given by jacquard portiere with the large geometrical drawing.

Curtains for panoramic windows can be both short to windowsill, and long, hanging down on floor on 10-15 cm.

In case window opening is located on all length of wall, it is better to use curtains with difficult design. It can be multilayered drapery, combination of fabrics of various invoice and also presence of various large geometrical ornaments.

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