What distance has to be between trees when landing

What distance has to be between trees when landing

That trees did not interfere with each other to develop and one of the basic rules of the nature has not worked: the one who is stronger and hardy survives, it is necessary to maintain between them such distance which is the most optimum for this look and grade. There are rules of planting of saplings in group and linear landings.

The most important rule at planting of trees is to consider the power of their root system and the size of krone which will be created in the future and on the basis of these calculations to sustain due distance between plants.

What distance is optimum in group landings?

If the group of trees lands, for each of them it is necessary to provide the territory not less than 10 sq.m. Therefore in order that the design of the site was most successful, it is recommended to make previously on the sheet of paper the plan in which it is necessary to specify all necessary distances from one plant to another. Before starting gardening of the site, it is necessary to consider one feature: too rare landing is fraught that trees in the majority grow low, their trunks are bent, and to you it is not necessary and to count on creation of special "forest" microclimate.

Special attention needs to be paid on to what grade the tree belongs. For example, the columnar apple-tree will perfectly develop also in those conditions when to the next trees no more than 2 meters. For Antonovka more comfortable the bigger distance will be considerable: from 8 to 10 m. If slaborosly apple-trees on dwarfish on two land, between them it is necessary to leave not less than 2.5 meters, and between ranks – not less than 4. Silnorosly grades will not interfere with each other to develop in case between plants there are 5-6 m. At such apple-trees powerful root system therefore it is important to provide that roots of trees did not intertwine with each other. At disembarkation of the continuous massif as parkland it is accepted to adhere to the following norm: the quantity of saplings on 1 hectare has to be 1-1.5 thousand depending on height of adult tree and power of its root system. On average, the distance between the next trees in such forest belt will make 2.5-3 m.

Optimum distance between trees in linear landings

If disembarkation of the open avenue, optimum distance between plants – 5-12 m is made. It will allow krone of each tree to develop freely, without being closed with next. Forming of curved arch is characteristic of the closed avenues therefore between saplings leave the smaller distance – from 1.5 to 2.5 m is considerable. Form of undersized trees also green hedges which can be both single-row, and multirow. In the latter case disembarkation is made in chessboard order with distance between plants of 50-70 cm. For the single-row line it is reduced to 40-50 cm. If trees land along ravines or on mobile soil with the purpose to stabilize the soil, the distance between plants should not exceed 1.5-2 m.

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