What electric crepe maker to choose

What electric crepe maker to choose

There have passed times when pancakes baked in the furnace or in pig-iron frying pans. Progress does not stand still, and now it is possible to bake pancakes on convenient electric crepe makers. But before indulging itself with tasty pancakes, it is necessary to decide on model, and them on sale there are several types.

To make sure that the electric crepe maker is really necessary in economy it is necessary to learn about its advantages:

- uniform warming up thanks to which pancakes propenutsya equally well and in the center, and at the edges;

- mobility, the allowing furnace pancakes in any place in the presence of electricity and the socket;

- usability giving the chance not to wait when the crepe maker is warmed up to the ideal temperature: (and sometimes the second and third) pancake "lump" it will be possible to forget about the first forever.

If advantages have convinced you that without electric crepe maker it is impossible to live, it is possible to consider its types: 1) The crepe maker with cover. Reminds the electric waffle iron – dough is poured, the cover is closed, pancake is concerned from two parties at the same time. For the crepe maker of this kind it is necessary to calculate the number of the test to pour it exactly so much that it did not follow, but also that pancake did not turn out less form. 2) Flat crepe makers. Allow to bake as big pancakes on all diameter of the crepe maker, and to use special forms in the form of animals, flowers or figures. The main thing not to allow overflowing of the test for edges of the crepe maker. 3) Crepe makers with deepenings. Similar crepe makers allow to bake from 2nd to 6 pancakes for once. Deepenings can be standard, and can be made in the form of ridiculous mugs which will lighten the mood of members of household in the mornings. 4) Submersible crepe maker. The interesting model reminding frying pan. Here only dough is not poured on surface, and the warmed surface plunges into dough. As a result the thinnest pancakes turn out. Additional parameters which need to be considered when choosing the crepe maker: • The desirable amount of the pancakes baked for once - will depend on it model.· the model of the crepe maker will influence electricity consumption – than more deepenings, that high power. • The size of the bought crepe maker will be influenced by the size of kitchen. The big crepe maker in small space will constantly disturb. • Availability of scoop thanks to which it is possible to be sure of the necessary number of the test for each model individually. • The manufacturer checked by time will also become guarantee of successful purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team