What fabrics it is better to use for tailoring of curtains

What fabrics it is better to use for tailoring of curtains

At the present rich range of curtains, lambrequins, portieres it is sometimes difficult to make choice. Modern curtains are made both of synthetic materials, and of natural. And it is possible to choose, proceeding from personal preferences. In this article several types of fabrics for tailoring of curtains and ways of care for them are described.

Silk curtains give to any interior of luxury and wealth. But also leaving demand serious. For example, it is impossible to erase it and there is no need as silk pushes away dust. On such curtains there will never be mold or dust tick. They are enough to be vacuumed from time to time. But minus such curtains is that silk fabric is subject to influence of sunshine and quickly burns out.

Linen curtains are appreciated environmental friendliness and gigiyenichnost. They unlike silk curtains can be erased, but it is necessary to consider that they tend to shrinkage therefore at their tailoring, it is necessary to leave allowance for length. Curtains from such material are not electrified and do not incorporate dust. Their life cycle is unlimited. In hot time, thanks to naturalness and density of flax, in the room the saving cool is created.

Cotton is emitted with naturalness and simple leaving too, but, unfortunately, is subject to burning out in the sun. In this case alternative is mix of polyester and cotton. Such curtains are durable and long do not fade.

The curtains sewed from woolen fabric quite heavy. It is better to use them in the bedroom. They look smartly, but demand delicate leaving. It is better to protect them from direct beams of the sun, otherwise they fade. Woolen curtains are erased without extraction, in the mode of hand wash.

Viscose – very light, nice on the touch fabric. In spite of the fact that it from cellulose is made, it perfectly passes air. Curtains from viscose can be retted and erased hands. It is recommended to iron them on low temperature, and only from reverse. They are not afraid of the sun, and long time do not lose the original form.

Portieres from velvet give to the room view of royal apartments. They are very resistant to burning out and to wear. But unlike natural fabrics, incorporate dust therefore demand frequent washing.

Satin fabric belongs to synthetic fabrics therefore it is easily electrified. Easy, gentle curtains with nacreous outflow have durability and durability. The same leaving, as behind viscose.

Curtains from taffeta – find for people with creative approach. Taffeta is used for creation of difficult and exceptional curtain combinations because very well it develops in intricate draperies.

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