What fertilizer to pour under grapes

What fertilizer to pour under grapes

Grapes – culture special. It for successful fructification of complex of fertilizers has not enough. The need for various nutrients at grapes depends on the vegetation period.

Grapes very strongly exhaust the soil. And for fructification this liana needs the soil fertile, rich with useful microelements. Those who wants to achieve success in wine growing need to study phases of vegetation and to understand what fertilizers in what time are necessary for plant.


Nitrogen is brought in the form of ammonium nitrate or urea. This substance helps to form the sheet weight and young escapes. It is obligatory to introduce nitrogen fertilizers in the spring, at the beginning of vegetation. In the summer the need for nitrogen is already not so big, and in the fall it in general is harmful to plant as because of rough formation of green material wood will not ripen and can die from frosts in the winter.


This element is necessary for good blossoming. Therefore it is brought at the beginning of blossoming in the form of superphosphate. Thanks to inflorescence phosphorus develop better, berries are tied and clusters ripen quicker.


Potassium is necessary for grapes in the fall. It accelerates maturing of fruits and upon termination of fructification prepares grapevines for wintering. It is brought towards the fall in the form of chloride potassium. It is even better to use instead of it ashes as except necessary potassium chloride potassium contains chlorine which in excess quantities can do much harm to vineyard. It is possible to bring normal wood ashes, that which remained from barbecue or burning of autumn garbage will approach. Ashes will provide grapes not only with potassium, but also phosphorus.


Copper is also brought in the fall, but after potassium, is closer to winter, in the form of copper vitriol. Accelerates lignification of escapes, raises morozo- and drought resistance.

Pine forest and zinc

Thanks to these two elements the sugar content of grapes increases, the productivity increases and clusters ripen quicker. It is necessary to bring before active maturing in the form of boric acid and sulfate of zinc.

Organic fertilizers

Grapes have not enough mineral elements. The organic chemistry is necessary for it for good fructification. It not only gives the chance to develop to useful microorganisms in the soil, but also improves its aeration that promotes the best assimilation of mineral microelements. It is the best of all to use bird's dung. It contains all substances necessary to grapes, and in usvoyaemy form. If near at hand there is no bird's dung, it is possible to use compost. It is easy to prepare compost independently, having built compost pit on the site and putting food and vegetable waste there.

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