What fertilizers are necessary for tomatoes

What fertilizers are necessary for tomatoes

That the harvest of tomatoes was amicable, it is necessary not only to select correctly seeds, to care for watering and time of planting of plants. Important role for obtaining result is played by the soil. Its state can be traced on exterior of plants.


1. Soil under tomatoes needs to be filled with fertilizers, but it is reasonable. Fresh manure will accelerate growth of bush, but will not allow to be tied actively to fruits. At such moment it is the most correct to dry the soil, to tear off part of leaves. It is desirable to feed up root weight phosphoric fertilizers.

2. The shortage of certain batteries can influence growth of plants. Sometimes, that leaves fade or are twisted. Often by inexperience the gardeners increase watering. The reason in this case – lack of nitrogen.

3. The shortage of phosphorus is also pernicious for tomato bushes. The trunk of plant becomes thin. Leaves get violet shade, are displaced on edge. Further there can come necrosis, foliage will fall down.

4. At the shortage of potassium on old leaves the "burnt" edges act. Further they turn yellow and fall down. The young growth can show disease in the form of easy yellowing. The fruit at the shortage of potassium and magnesium has brownish strips. The lack of copper of the earth is shown at the time of growth of tomato seedling too. Leaves during this period grow white, weaken. Flowers at the small content of copper are showered from plant.

5. If on tomato leaves there were flavovirent spots, then brown, therefore, the plant has ached chlorozy. In such soil is not present in prosperity of magnesium. Fruit stems, leaves on tomatoes dry up, disappear. At this moment microfertilizers will help.

6. As signal of the shortage of pine forest serves education great number of stepsons. On fruits the died-off fabric is formed. The lack of calcium of humus strikes the top leaves of plant, they turn yellow, are deformed and buy the died-off fabric.

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