What floor slabs happen

What floor slabs happen

There are many types of floor slabs. If the nobility as it is correct to read marking, mistakes upon purchase of these products does not occur. Besides concrete in construction use wooden overlappings.


1. Any construction does not do without mounting of floor slabs. These products make of reinforced concrete and concrete of high brands. They are monolithic (corpulent), ribbed, multihollow. Monolithic, in turn, are divided into assembly and monolithic, fungate, single-span and multi-span.

2. Monolithic plates the strongest, but also the most expensive. Often builders refuse use of these plates and mount overlappings from the national teams multihollow. Monolithic order for particularly complex cases when the building has to sustain not only considerable weight loadings, but also notable motions of the soil. Corpulent plates are more difficult in assembly and process of their mounting several times longer on time, than multihollow. At independent filling of monolithic floor slabs, this procedure can drag on for indefinite time.

3. Most often in construction use multihollow plates which standard length – 12 m. Width of these products can be different 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.8 m. Height (thickness) – 0.22-0.33 m. These plates are equipped with the stiffening fins executed from high-strength armature. Availability of emptiness allows to carry out the hidden laying of communications and power supply networks.

4. These products classify by amount of emptiness and type of support. For example, marking of plate of 1 personal computer reports that it has round openings with a diameter of 1.59 cm and is intended for mounting with support on two edge parties. If the PKK brand 1 – parameters the same plates, but it can lean not only on faces, but also on two sides. The plate of 2 personal computers has diameter of emptiness of 1.4 cm, 3 personal computers – 1.27 cm.

5. The quantity of letter "K" reports about whether the product is intended to lean only on faces, or also on sides. Letter "T" in marking will prompt that such plate can be mounted only on three points of support, will designate availability of fungoid emptiness, "B" will report that the product is made of reinforced concrete by continuous formation at long stands.

6. Besides concrete use also wooden overlappings. Most often mounts them in low construction in which rather lower (basement) and top (garret) overlapping. Make them of bar and edging board. In frame housing construction act simpler: stack bar (logs or beams) at distance of 40-60 cm from each other and sheathe it from two parties sheets of RSD 9-12 mm thick.

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