What floor to choose for kitchen

What floor to choose for kitchen

When choosing kitchen floor covering it is necessary to consider set of various nuances, ideal floor in kitchen should not be afraid of either fat, or water, or mechanical damages, it can be washed up easily and spots will not linger on it.


1. Very practical option of floor covering is linoleum. It is available at the price and is rather durable, has high wear resistance both good zvuko- and thermal insulation. Besides, this material is unpretentious in leaving and is plain in laying. Modern linoleum assumes the huge choice of coloring, drawings and invoices, it can imitate tree, parquet, stone.

2. Floors in kitchen from stopper very much will be pleasant to admirers of eco-friendly natural materials, they from the bark of pith oak removed from the growing trees of times in several years are made. Such floors are comfortable for legs and are capable to reduce load of joints and backbone. The pith covering creates feeling of heat-insulated floor, on it it is impossible to slip and it does not attract dust. In general, this ideal floor covering for allergic persons. Covered with special varnish, he is not afraid of small spill of liquid and perfectly will be suitable for kitchen.

3. Floors from natural wood belong to expensive materials, but exactly thanks to them the room will look magnificently. It will be ideal for the kitchen executed in classical design or style of country. It must be kept in mind that such covering does not suffer temperature drops and the increased humidity therefore it is better to use it in table zone, supplementing with tile or porcelain tile, laid in work area. It is desirable to process wooden floor special means, oil or varnish to make tree less porous and more resistant to influence of moisture and pollution.

4. Worthy and more available replacement to wooden floor in kitchen is laminate. It is stronger and resistant to mechanical influences. Externally laminate is capable to imitate any breeds of tree, granite, marble and tile. It can be used at the device of heat-insulated floor in kitchen. However, is at such covering and weaknesses — he is afraid of moisture therefore at its laying the reliable waterproofing of tie is very important. In the kitchen laid by laminate it is necessary to watch that on floor excess liquid has not got constantly.

5. The most popular floor covering for kitchen is the ceramic tile. It is practical and convenient in use, differs in available cost and gives scope for design experiments. The modern ceramics differs in huge variety of flowers, drawings, invoices and ornaments. Interestingly looks when floor tile of the same color, as well as kitchen apron. It is very eco-friendly, does not carry electric current, is not afraid of household chemicals and influence of direct sunshine. Its main minus is "coldness" - it does not suit those who like to go at home barefoot and also to families with small children. It is the best of all to make floor of opaque, unglazed tile that will help you to be saved from injuries. The ceramics with indicators 3-4 on scale of wear resistance and 4-5 on hardness scale will be the best option.

6. Porcelain tile has remarkable characteristics. It does not absorb moisture, is not subject to temperature drops and has high hardness. Thanks to the various design imitating various natural materials, porcelain tile successfully supplements interior of kitchen in any style. It can be polished or opaque, and, the last is safer for kitchen.

7. Recently liquid linoleum, i.e. polymeric bulk floor became very popular. Externally it is similar to linoleum, and to the touch — to tile. He is unpretentious and is not afraid of mechanical damages. He can be made any color, with various drawings and inserts. However, keep in mind that it will be quite difficult to remove it subsequently.

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