What flowers are suitable for suspended baskets

What flowers are suitable for suspended baskets

Very popular with the English flower growers, suspended baskets and pots become more and more widespread for jewelry of our balconies and facades of houses. The plants chosen for creation of suspended containers have to have certain special characteristics.

First, flowers have to have the falling form, have to be ampelous. Especially it concerns the plants suspended highly. Use this advantage of suspended baskets when you need to create vertical gardening of wall or corner of balcony. 

It is possible to place one or several plant species in suspended container. Make sure that they have identical requirements.

Use dekorativnolistny plants for the bringing to your composition of charm and volume. Plektrantus, mint, ivy poecilophyllous will add color and texture. 

It is possible to make compositions of flowers which period of blossoming will not coincide. And you receive constantly blossoming suspended basket. But more often plants in suspended containers change from season by season, throwing out the fading plants and replacing them only dismissed. It is so easier to take care of flowers and cachepots look more accurately.

At the beginning of spring you can put without problems in viol pots baskets, ampelous on edge, daisies and primroses - on the center. They well transfer cool weather and will long blossom. If your suspended cachepot is located not really highly, then you can add early-flowering bulbous plants.

In the summer suspended baskets willingly dress up in violet tone of stsevola (Scaevola) which is well combined with white lobelia. Speaking about lobelia, its deep blue color will become smart background for the orange marigold planted on - to the center. They will give the volume of all composition.

As it is possible to describe suspended cachepots, without mentioning ampelous geraniums and surfiniya! Very exacting to power supply and the taking a lot of places in pot, they prefer to be put alone. 

The cascade verbena of bright coloring will become irreplaceable in summer suspended baskets. For shady places there is nothing better than ampelous fuchsia with large hand bells of improbable beauty. The cascade begonia will have unforgettable effect as well as balsam terry ampelous.

To keep beauty of suspended cachepot in the fall, do not forget to delete faded flowers and to regularly add special fertilizers for the blossoming pottery cultures. You can also reduce length of your ampelous flowers that they clustered better and were more magnificent. 

Plant in suspended pots cascade chrysanthemums and heather in the fall to prolong season of dressing of your balconies, routes and walls of the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team