What flowers it is the best of all for the house

What flowers it is the best of all for the house

Flowers decorate country beds, house adjoining territories and house interior. Huge variety of paints, forms and delightful aromas improve the general atmosphere. Especially it concerns apartments, houses, offices. Flowers not only decorate the room, but also improve condition of air, power.

The flower differently influences situation in the house and on its inhabitants. For improvement of the matrimonial relations and preservation of love the married couple needs to put azalea in the room. Quite choosy flower. Contains at temperature 10-18º, does not love direct sunshine, but needs good lighting. The earth has to be constantly damp. After blossoming the dry buds are cut off.

Power of colors for the house

To get rid of negative energy, to calm down, in the house grow up begonia or geranium. The increased air humidity is necessary for begonia. Therefore at window place tray with water, on it put support, and from above – pot with plant. Optimum temperature of contents – 15-20ºС. The flower loves diffused light. The smell of geranium helps at digestive tract illnesses, at some people, on the contrary, causes allergic reaction. Not choosy plant, loves sunlight, pours down in process of drying up of the earth.

Protect from evil spirits, malefice, create the world and cosiness in the house cactus and tradescantia. The cactus is capable to absorb the negative radiation of the computer therefore it is often put near the monitor. In their cold season have at window, in warm – hide from direct sunlight. Water with winter of 1 times in 7-10 days slightly warm water, in the summer – is much more often. The tradescantia well feels both at bright and at dim lighting. Suitable temperature for winter – not below 10º, for summer – not above 25º. It is necessary to water every day and to sprinkle leaves as the flower loves the increased air humidity. The crassula, or monetary tree, is grown up in houses for attraction of prosperity. Orchids well look in any situation, promote achievement of success. Demand thorough leaving, are choosy to surrounding situation.

Flowers for the house

In house conditions it is possible to grow up various flowers. Ficuses, box, euphorbia are suitable for halls which usually have the big area. The pronounced smell of plants will not become hindrance. Place them closer by sunlight, so that higher and massive flowers did not shade low. Foliage needs periodically to be sprinkled from spray. The flowers adapted for more high temperatures capable to purify air are suitable for kitchen. For example, tradescantia, chlorophytums, lianas, tangerines and lemons. Lemons are capable to purify air, killing microbes and doing it fresh. In the bedroom there should not be flowers with pungent smell which will prevent to relax and can cause poisoning. The lavender, laurels will approach. Such plants improve the atmosphere, promote improvement of dream and do air fresh and are cleaner. If humidity in the room raised, ficuses or bananas which will well feel in such conditions are placed. To the children's room it is necessary to treat selection of plants more carefully. Avoid flowers with pungent smell, poisonous flowers and leaves. The most suitable option is dwarfish pomegranate, room flax, citrus trees. They develop enough oxygen. It is simple to pick up flower for the house, the main thing is to create the correct conditions for development and to look after him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team