What flowers it is the best of all to hold houses

What flowers it is the best of all to hold houses

Houseplants not just decorate our house, introduce to it cosiness, but also make favorable impact on our organism. But what houseplants it is necessary to hold houses?

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1. Ficus. It is the most often met houseplant. It possesses large fleshy leaves of oval form. The adult plant looks beautifully and perfectly decorates interior. The ficus is capable not only to purify air that is peculiar to many houseplants, but also to give it freshness. If you place pot with ficus near the bed, then will soon notice that you have begun to wake up with "fresher" head, well rested and full of strength.

2. Bamboo palm tree. This "house palm tree" too well purifies air, at the same time this plant is absolutely unpretentious in leaving. Everything that is required to it - it is only access to direct sunshine several hours a day and a little water of room temperature every day.

3. Palma Ledi. On exterior not really differs from the previous houseplant, especially in the rich and magnificent foliage, but has large amount of properties, curative for human body. This flower, besides air cleaning, undertakes one more important task: saturation by its nutritious minerals. By the way, Ledi's palm tree quite well influences not only the respiratory system of the person, but also nervous.

4. Spathiphyllum. This plant with the somewhat eccentric name and elegant exterior – the all-around champion in the field of air cleaning. Unlike all previous, he fights not only against pollution, almost harmless to human body, in air, but also more serious, such as vapors of benzene, ammonia and acetone. This plant can even be put for several days to the room in which repairs have been made recently to purify air in it from harmful impurity.

5. English ivy. It will perfectly decorate interior of any room in your house where you would not put it, especially if to hang up pot with the English ivy on wall, having allowed plant to lower the shoots. This plant was not accidentally included in this list, it is natural absorbent which will purify air in your house from toxins, heavy salts and formaldehyde.

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