What flowers most longer stand

What flowers most longer stand

Many people, buying flowers to some celebration, quite naturally wish that they have stayed as long as possible and reminded of the person who has given such incredibly beautiful gift.

Unfortunately, upon purchase of flowers as gift many pursue only their momentary beauty, without thinking at all of what several days later, and even hours, their gift will fade, having lost the charm. Everything occurs because very few people know how it is correct to choose flowers which are capable to stand long time, keeping the primitive beauty and freshness. Besides, not all guess that the correct care for cut flowers is capable to prolong their existence considerably.

The flowers, whether it be rose or tulip feeling continuous care are capable to remain attractive and in two months. But after all, there is list of such plants which in itself are capable to please the owner with the long period of freshness. It is possible to carry to them chrysanthemum, one of the flower leaders who are long keeping the initial freshness. These flowers require the simplest care, namely, daily change of water and to removal of leaves in the bottom of stalk.

Carnations and orchids

Carnations are also capable to look for three weeks amazingly. However it is worth noticing that these flowers are incompatible with other plants. That is why it is very important for extension of their life not to place other flowers in the neighbourhood. Long-liver is also the orchid. This plant in the cut-off look can be in vase up to two and a half weeks. They are capable to please with the beauty throughout this period the owner, remaining fresh. Still it is possible to rank asters, narcissuses and also dahlias as category of long-livers. But to achieve it, the owner should make often spraying and to delete faded leaves.

Gerberas and irises

Such flowers as gerberas also keep initial beauty up to two weeks. But for this purpose it is necessary to cut stalks and to submerge them in slightly warm water for thirty minutes, and only after this procedure to put bouquet in vase. At the same time it is necessary to trace that the height of water in capacity made no more than five centimeters. Similar recommendations will allow these surprising plants to look attractively even in one and a half weeks after their purchase. The list of flowers which are capable to keep the beauty throughout long time is continued by irises. In general, the cut-off plant perishes in couple of days, but thanks to the fact that the iris has new buds which constantly reveal, the flower keeps appeal for several more days from the moment of their acquisition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team