What flowers to choose for giving

What flowers to choose for giving

Own giving – not only work in garden or kitchen garden, but also rest. So practically any site does not do without flower beds. Flowers create good mood, are pleasing to the eye. The remarkable mood can be provided to themselves for all season of country works, having planted flowers which will begin to please you from early spring to the latest fall, to blossom, replacing each other.

Very first narcissuses and tulips blossom. These are unpretentious flowers which towards the winter land bulbs and cover with straw or leaves. As soon as warms the sun and snow, they will go at once to growth because prepare for it all long winter. To replace them camomiles, irises, peonies, roses, poppies blossom. All flowers can be grown up with success on one bed. It is required to cut off the fading plants only in time, then to them on change new flowers will blossom. Roses at the beginning of July blossom, continue the blossoming before steady frosts. The rose bush is the most suitable for garden, it is unpretentious in leaving.

It is possible to plant on separate bed phloxes, coneflower, gladioluses, nivyanik, asters, hydrangea. And still forget-me-nots, immortelle, lion's pharynx. These flowers blossom almost all summer, require the minimum care in type of watering and timely weeding.

It is possible to plant meadow herbs which perfectly look at the edges of the site and create special mood. For this purpose approach feather grass, lugovik, mannik, cereals. If to plant hollyhock, hand bells, lavender, camomile in the middle of herbs, to plant euphorbia, then they will begin to be allocated across all territory of the site with the blossoming spots. It is possible to make near paths of bed of continuous blossoming. Flowers on groups are selected for this purpose. It is possible to plant in beds of continuous blossoming galanthuses, Scylla, muscarine, crocuses, behind them on row hyacinths, tulips, narcissuses. Then there have to be primroses, seduma, phloxes, daisies. It is possible to plant behind them in a row lilies, peonies, astilbiya, iris. Autumn flowers land in the last row – dahlias, crocus, chrysanthemums, coneflower. For the first time it is very difficult to put such abundance of flowers. But over time, when in creation of flower beds of continuous blossoming and flower cultivation the experience will come, the seasonal dacha will be buried all summer literally in flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team