What functions are performed by flower bed in front of the house

What functions are performed by flower bed in front of the house

The flower bed in front of the house performs very important function: it gives esthetic pleasure not only to owners, but also people passing by it. Of course, registration of flower bed in front of the house will demand special knowledge and abilities.

Arrangement of flower bed

According to feng shui, main entrance to the house is channel on which can come both wellbeing, and negative energy. Therefore the front access door has to look attractively and harmoniously. The flower bed located in front of the house undoubtedly is ornament. It fills surrounding space and does it harmonious. Upclassing of the territory in front of the house is not accidental at all - it is the first that comes to mind in the spring or when moving to the new house. The front access door with flower bed involuntarily casts thoughts of comfort, rest and relaxation. The bed and entrance have to create the uniform ensemble corresponding to style of the adjacent territory. At registration of flower bed in front of the house mistakes are inadmissible. Any trifle or homeliness will be evident not only to you, but also and your guests and neighbors. The bed has to be such that even the passerby wanted to stop and admire flowers.

Councils for arrangement

In ceremonial flower bed everything has to be on the highest discharge. Indispensable condition of the organization of bed - the accuracy and adjustedness of forms. The flower bed executed in the form of geometrical figure whether it be square, circle or triangle, has to be perfectly equal. Choose such plants which blossom at the same time for bed and have the long period of blossoming. Of course, such bed can be created by ability and patience and also tests and mistakes in respect of selection of plants. On paper draw the sketch of future flower bed, place on it the sizes. Think over what colors will prevail in flower bed. Usually as basis it is taken green, effective violet, dark blue. Bright colors act as dominant (red, pink, orange). They should be added with neutral colors: white, yellow, gentle-blue.

Make out flower bed in such flowers which do not demand excessive leaving from early fall and till late spring. Otherwise, be ready to find extra time and attention to bed. Rule of landing of plants it: in the middle (or on distance shot) the highest plants, and at the edges - small flowers land. In it not only the geometrical harmony is shown, but also the fact that the large flowers planted thus will not shade and oppress small.

Monobed and vertical flower bed

The monobed only of asters, peonies, roses or dahlia can also look smartly. Besides, it will involve from you smaller material and labor inputs. In one species of plant often various therefore they are pleasing to the eye not less, than the front garden with various flowers. One more advantage is opportunity to plant long-term flowers (peonies, for example) which will blossom from year to year. If the place in front of the house catastrophically is not enough, the vertical bed will help to break smart flower bed to you. For its creation it is necessary to take screens, lanes. Even normal walls to which it will be possible to nail flowerpots with flowers will fit. Process of creation of vertical flower bed very labor-consuming, but it undoubtedly is worth of the spent efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team