What glue to glue polyfoam

What glue to glue polyfoam

The modern construction market offers consumer demand huge number of various grades of polyfoam which differ among themselves in density and rigidity. These characteristics influence the choice of ways of fastening of polyfoam to various surfaces and also the gluing materials.


1. Special glue which intends for polyfoam can perfectly cope with problem of fastening of the foam parts.

2. If it is necessary to stick together sheets of polyfoam among themselves, it is possible to apply any kind of construction glue which part gasoline or acetone is not.

3. Besides, polyfoam can be pasted to any type of surfaces. This material perfectly connects to concrete walls, brick, gypsum cardboard and metal. However when gluing it is necessary to satisfy one condition which is that not less than five flat cakes of the gluing means in different points of the plane have to be applied on the sheet of polyfoam.

4. In the course of warming of walls of inhabited and industrial constructions often there is need for gluing of polyfoam to the metal basis. And metal is the most complex material in this plan, it has small degree of adhesion. In this case it is possible to apply liquid nails, polyurethane foam or sealant on the basis of silicone.

5. Polyurethane foam on the basis of polyurethane differs in unique ability to be fastened to any materials. However it very quickly dries up, at the same time the tube is hammered, and the cylinder becomes not suitable. Therefore with foam it is necessary to buy at the same time special solvent which washing of tube becomes.

6. Instead of foam also polyurethane glue of single-component type can be used. It is also on sale in cylinders. For its operation it is necessary to get special gun.

7. Many experts in the works apply the combination consisting of glue and liquid nails. The feature of liquid nails is that they quickly grab, and it allows not to prop up sheets of polyfoam, waiting so far they will be linked to surface. However, reliability of liquid nails is much less, unlike glue. For this reason masters use this method of fixture.

8. The gluing means for facades differing in the increased frost resistance level, the glue mixes intended for laying of tile and also sealant on the basis of silicone, putty for finishing of walls and liquid nails also perfectly are suitable for work with polyfoam. At the same time it is very important to pay attention to that the gluing structure did not contain acetone or other solvents on the basis of the organic matters destroying plastic weight.

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