What grade of strawberry the earliest

What grade of strawberry the earliest

Selectors, both Russian, and foreign, work on creation of grades of strawberry of short daylight hours, that is the plants capable to yield very early harvest of fragrant berries. Several grades which are capable to grow and fructify both in the conditions of midland, and in Siberia are removed.


1. Grade strawberry Alba is considered one of the earliest. Under certain conditions cultivation it can yield amicable harvest at the end of May — the beginning of June. At berries of this grade the correct conical form and bright red color. Distinctive feature is that they do not become shallow over time, and have approximately same size throughout all term of harvesting.

2. Very tasty berries of dark cherry shade at early grade of Kleri. Bright, brilliant fruits. Ripen at the beginning of June at cultivation in the open ground. It is strawberry of the Italian selection therefore the plant best of all feels in the southern regions of our country. In the conditions of moderately hot and damp season.

3. The grade "Hony" is unpretentious and resistant to many diseases. It also yields early and amicable harvest. Berries sweet and fragrant, strawberry belongs to dessert grades. By Honya it is removed in the USA, but with success also in our country not one decade is grown up.

4. Elsanta - early grade of the Dutch selectors. Berries of this strawberry juicy, sweet with small sourness. This grade in many countries is standard of taste to which compare the others. However at cultivation of early strawberry under our conditions, it is subject to destruction by frost, badly transfers drought, is unstable to vilt and mildew.

5. If the grade resistant to drought and winter frosts is necessary for you, then it is possible to choose strawberry of the Ukrainian selection of Olviya safely. Berries ripen early. Strawberry yields generous harvest to 1 kg from bush. Brilliant fruits, saturated sweet-sour taste.

6. To receive early harvest, it is only not enough to choose suitable grade, it is necessary to provide to plant suitable conditions for fructification and excellent leaving. The following receptions will allow to accelerate maturing of strawberry.

7. As soon as snow descends, water landings of strawberry with warm water. Put arches and pull ukryvny material or film, under such shelter strawberry will very quickly go to growth. Consider that the film should not concern bushes, otherwise they can just burn down or vypret.

8. In sunny weather periodically slightly open film or ukryvny material. Water the soil around plants with warm water, and then mulch compost. This reception not only will allow to keep moisture for the long period, plants will receive necessary power supply.

9. At the beginning of blossoming and during forming of ovaries feed up early strawberry dung water. Under each bush pour about 1 liter of fertilizer.

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