What grades of tomatoes best of all are suitable for conservation

What grades of tomatoes best of all are suitable for conservation

Gardeners know that to grow up good harvest of tomatoes is still half-affairs. The main thing is to keep them for the winter, and best of all salting and preservation for this purpose approaches. That preparations from tomatoes were tasty and were stored long term, it is important to choose for them vegetables of suitable grades.


Popular mid-season grade which fruits well are suitable both for salting, and for preparation of tomato paste, juice or sauce. The grade of ""Gazpacho"" is distinguished by small tomatoes of red color in the form of cylinder weighing about 50-80 grams. Fruits of this grade have dense peel thanks to what do not burst during the salting and conservation.


The productive and early ripening variety of tomatoes, well is suitable for preservation. Grade bushes ""June"" do not grow more than 50 cm and have amicable return of harvest. Fruits of round shape, red, weighing about 120 grams. The dense peel of tomatoes of grade ""June"" allows to preserve them entirely, they are not deformed and do not crack.

""Ladies' fingers""

The early ripening grade of universal assignment, also perfectly will be suitable for various preparations. The small extended tomatoes grow at brushes, maturing begins approximately in the middle of the summer. Grade bushes ""Ladies' fingers"" undersized, and fruits rose-red, weigh about 60 grams.


Early ripening tomatoes Valentina well are suitable for preparation of various pickles and also for preservation entirely. Bushes of this grade have need for garter to support. Grade fruits Valentina small, in the form of plum, orange-red color, are resistant to cracking.

""Balcony miracle""

Grade of tomatoes which can be grown up also in house conditions, and in the open ground. The tomato ""Balcony miracle"" is rather unpretentious and has very short term of maturing. Small cherry tomatoes weighing 30-40 grams well will be suitable for preparation of mixed vegetables, various pickles and marinades. 

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