What has to be design of small kitchen: the working councils

What has to be design of small kitchen: the working councils

Small kitchen – not reason for chagrin, but excellent opportunity to show the design abilities. Rooms the furniture made to order, the modern built-in equipment and correctly picked up color gamma will help to increase the sizes.

As to make big of small kitchen

Creative kitchens in small spaces – reality of today. The tiny room can be quite cozy and convenient not only for cooking, but also for food. The main rule is not to be limited to standard decisions and to make the choice for multipurpose compact furniture.

Small kitchen – not the place for courageous color experiments. It is better to register it in reserved light tones: sand, pistachio, peach, color of egg shell. Light difficult shades are perfectly combined with each other, but bright spots on their background will alienly look.

You should not use too many raznofakturny materials. Combination of mosaic tile, tree, wall-paper to large motives and decorative plaster – option for more spacious room. In small kitchen there are enough two parent materials which are not too contrasting with each other. Visually the floor of the same shade, as in the corridor conducting in kitchen is capable to expand space.

It is necessary to let in more daylight small kitchen. You should not veil window multilayered curtains with lamberkena and pickups. From curtains it is possible to refuse or place them on each side, closing walls about windows. It will visually expand space. If shadowing is necessary, it is better to use horizontal blinds or rolled curtains in tone of walls.

The refusal of oar doors will help to save space. They eat space and prevent to place furniture conveniently. Good alternative – sliding door. In certain cases it is possible to refuse also it, having established powerful extract.

Kitchen furniture should not be bulky. The best choice – kitchens to order. Lockers place to the ceiling, visually raising it. Depth of cabinets has to be small, it will help to save precious centimeters. The closed cabinets alternate to the open regiments doing interior more modern and air. Regiments can be placed also over door opening, this place usually is not used.

The small kitchen cannot be littered. The more open empty surfaces, the better. Knickknacks, multi-colored banks, posters, decorative plates – all these things create unnecessary diversity and reduce space. It is better to make all household appliances built-in or to place on shelves, leaving working surfaces clean.  

The original ideas for small kitchen

The design of small kitchen can be rather various. In the small room the Provence style organically looks, also the Scandinavian minimalism is appropriate. Color and correctly picked up material just for decoration will help to create the necessary mood.

Bar counters, kitchen islands, bulky angular tables with sofas are not suitable for the small room. In small kitchen it is possible to establish folding table with folding-chairs which after meal are suspended to wall behind the door. One more interesting option is to use as the place for meal the table-top established on the place of windowsill. It is supplemented with stools or high chairs.

That the room seemed more, furniture can be painted color of walls. This simple reception works smoothly. However floor in this case has to differ on shade, otherwise there will be effect of blurring.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team