What has to be fence height between garden sites

What has to be fence height between garden sites

That concerning construction of fence between neighbors there were no conflicts, there are rules regulating its height and construction feature. Methods of permission of disputable situations are stated in charters of associations of gardeners.

It is wrong to consider that installation of fence between garden sites is not regulated by any precepts of law. These designs have to be mounted only according to the established rules.

What can be height of "deaf" fence at the dacha

Such protections according to Construction Norms and Regulations 30-02-97 can be built only from drives or streets. About what will be their maximum height decides at general meeting of all members of gardening association. Rules allowed to mount "deaf" designs from 1.5 to 1.8 m high. It is justified by that function which is performed by continuous protection of the garden site: it protects possession from the road or the street from penetration of strangers, vagrant animals, noise and dust.

What admissible height of fence between adjoining properties

On boundary border it is authorized to establish only mesh or trellised protections. Height of these designs can vary from 1 to 1.5 m. They should not have elements, potentially life-threatening and health of citizens. For example, it is impossible to equip design with metal thorns or to bring to it electric current. If at general meeting of gardeners the decision to adhere to certain height of fencings is made, it is obligatory to execution by each copartner. But in practice it happens infrequently, and each owner of the seasonal dacha himself decides what height there will be its fence and agrees on this issue with neighbors. That there were no conflict situations, it is necessary to consider the requirement of the law and not to build the fencing exceeding in height of 1.5 m. Charters of gardening association, as a rule, are designed to minimize emergence of the conflicts between neighbors in any controversial issues. Registers in these documents that to the owner of the garden site, the person interested to build fence on boundary between the next plots, it is recommended to secure with the written agreement in which all neighbors who are owners of nearby sites confirm the consent to the protection device. In this document height of fence and material from which it will be built have to be specified. As often controversial issue is installation of columns (in whose territory the part of support playing for the line of fencing will be located), in the agreement on construction of fence it is necessary to consider also this moment. Without fail it is necessary to register who incurs expenses on purchase of materials and whose forces will build protection between the adjoining garden properties.

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