What has to be the base under the house

What has to be the base under the house

That the base under the house has faultlessly served for many years, in the course of its calculation and construction it is necessary to consider those requirements which are imposed to such designs. Special attention needs to be paid to environmental friendliness of materials from which the basis, and its bearing capacity is built.


1. The base – that design which assumes all loading not only from land constructions, but also own. Therefore the main requirements which are imposed to it – durability, reliability and durability. It is important not correct to builder to choose type of the basis for the house, but also it is good to know technology of its construction as compliance of the base to construction standards in many respects depends on it.

2. Main requirements to the bases under the house. In bearing capacity of the basis, regardless of its design features, loading not only from the building built on it, but also the weight of communications, furniture, finishing materials and the people living in the house has to be put. Any base for residential building has to have the margin of safety which will provide it ability to sustain any additional loadings.

3. Environmental friendliness of materials from which foundation of the house is built is of particular importance. For example, in the light of the last researches, it became known that asbestos has negative impact on human health. Therefore in construction of the base it is necessary to refuse use of asbestos-cement blocks. It is also necessary to avoid use of those materials which part hazardous substances are: toxic and radioactive.

4. Heat and waterproofing characteristics of the basis for residential building which in many respects provides comfort of its operation are extremely important. For the purpose of improvement of conditions of accommodation it is possible to mount heat-insulating contours and drainage systems. The qualitative waterproofing will allow to increase considerably durability of the base and will prevent otsyrevaniye and destruction of the lower part of the building.

5. What has to be the base for heavy and easy constructions? Brick houses, bar, concrete slabs or blocks require the powerful basis. Depending on type of soil and its mobility choose either monolithic plate, or the pile base. Thickness of plate pays off proceeding from expected weight loading. Such base can be warmed: for example, WSP (the warmed Swedish plate). As support most often choose screw piles by means of which it is possible to build the building on any soil and at any drawing of relief of the site.

6. Houses of small weight (karkasnik, from gas-silicate and foam concrete blocks, panel board, filling and so forth) do not require the solid basis. In most cases rather continuous or column footing. Level of deepening of sole is defined proceeding from specific conditions of construction: depths of underground waters, like soil, point of its freezing and other features of the area.

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