What heating to choose for owner-occupied dwelling

What heating to choose for owner-occupied dwelling

Installation of heating system in country house — very important and responsible step. The choice of type of heating very strongly depends on the size of your budget and requirements imposed to system.

Gas or electricity?

Universal type of fuel for heating services regardless of the budget is the main gas, it is cheap and reliable source of energy. If the main gas, but with electricity everything is all right is not brought to your house, choose electrical systems as they it is more available and much simpler in mounting. If there is not enough electric power at all, it makes sense to consider options with autonomous storage of liquefied gas or liquid fuel.

If you choose electricity, then the heating services has to depend on it. In other cases (for example if gas is brought to owner-occupied dwelling) it makes sense to choose the beam scheme with water as the liquid heat carrier, this system is ideal for heating of big spaces. It is the best of all to install the multicircuit boiler, in this case one contour can be used directly for heating, the second - for constant warming up of account water, and the third — as reserve or for additional types of the equipment.

Advantage of electrical systems - their environmental friendliness and safety.

If the budget allows, the house can be made cozy. The heating system can feed not only batteries, but also heat-insulated floors, and the thermal veils preventing intake of cold air in farm buildings and garage. It is possible to connect very convenient systems of snowmelt to heating system, they automatically clean roof and porch from ice and snow.

Decisions on average price segment

At the average budget the main gas which is cheaper and more convenient than other power supplies remains the first recommendation about the choice of power supply. If it is absent, consider autonomous systems on liquefied gas.

If the main gas is not brought to your house, it is possible to use liquefied gas which is delivered in special cylinders.

In similar case it makes sense to choose heating services on water as the liquid heat carrier, the two-pipe wiring layout. Such scheme gives the chance to regulate heat level in different rooms absolutely independently. Has to provide such system with energy gas cat, at least with two contours — for heating of water and for directly heating. The economic option, as well as previous, assumes use of the main gas. If it is absent, consider options of the boilers using solid fuel (granules or pellets) or balloon liquefied gas. In this case it is the best of all to use the one-pipe scheme of heating on water. Such scheme will significantly reduce costs on laying of pipes, however giving of heat will be identical in all rooms of the house.

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