What house to build cheaper

What house to build cheaper

Base bid in many respects depends on with what way water supply, heating, functioning of sewerage system will be provided. There are several factors which do frame houses by the most inexpensive in the construction plan and operation.

In construction of the house what expenses on laying of communications and connection to the systems of water supply system, the sewerage, heating will be is of great importance. If housing is going to be made autonomous, it is necessary to spend for drilling of the well, mounting of septic tank and the accompanying pipelines.

Considerable role in valuation of construction is played by the site on which it is conducted. If soil mobile or depth of its freezing exceeds 1 m, construction of more powerful base will be required that will entail additional expenses. At high level of underground water the mounting of drainage system is required.

The most inexpensive type of housing construction

Construction of the frame house will cost cheaper, than construction of the dwelling from any other materials. This technology is one of the simplest, and housing built on it – inexpensive and pre-fabricated. Thanks to the lightweight the frame constructions do not demand the solid basis. In most cases for them rather melkozaglublenny base that considerably reduces the price of construction. Also the fact that all works on construction and finishing of the building can be executed independently allows to reduce its cost, without paying work of hired labor. Materials are inexpensive and available to construction of the house. The main of them – plate of RSD, heater, bar for the top and lower bindings, board for the framework device. Its mounting and covering will not require expensive tools and attraction of the construction equipment. It is enough to have circular saw, the screw driver, marking and carpenter's tool.

About houses from foam concrete and gas-silicate

Such materials as foam concrete and gas-silicate, are inexpensive, and process of construction of them is simple and does not demand considerable investments. But conclusion that the house from them is cheap, incorrect. Foam concrete and gas-silicate well absorb moisture and under its influence pretty fast collapse. In addition, such construction stones have high heat conductivity. In order that the wall from foam or the gas-block met the standards shown to residential buildings, its thickness has to be not less than a meter. All these features of stones force to mount qualitative warmly, Paro and waterproofing that significantly raises expenses on construction. Further, because of fragility of blocks, construction needs the reliable base capable to compensate any motions of the soil which lead to emergence of deep cracks in such houses. All this in complex develops into considerable rise in price of construction of houses from foam concrete and gas-silicate.

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