What hygrometer is better - mechanical or electronic?

What hygrometer is better - mechanical or electronic?

In rooms where there are conditioners, it is required to support optimum moisture content of air. To evaluate this parameter of the environment and to take measures for its change, use household hygrometers which can be mechanical or electronic. Each type of hygrometer has the advantages and shortcomings.

Hygrometer of mechanical type: simplicity and availability

The mechanical hygrometer is most often used for humidity monitoring in premises. It is cheap, simple in design, but not always differs in high sensitivity to differences of humidity. The simplest hygrometers of mechanical type are not checked by meteorological services, and therefore cannot be certified. Measuring results for this reason are far from the valid parameters of the environment. Hygrometers of this type are very sensitive to mechanical to influences, and therefore demand the most careful attitude.

For hygrometer of mechanical type the place of its installation matters. Most often devices of this kind are required to be hung on wall. Such placement is not always convenient as can bring dissonance in interior. To all other, the wall hygrometer does not differ in mobility therefore it is difficult to move it from one room to another.

The wall hygrometer of mechanical type without additional control can be used only in steady-state condition.

Electronic hygrometer: accuracy of measurements and multifunctionality

The electronic humidity meter has essential advantages if to compare it to hygrometer of mechanical type. He is capable to work in wider temperature range, fixing at the same time the minimum deviations in air humidity. The most qualitative models can be operated in the temperature range from-30 to +60os.

The electronic stuffing guarantees higher accuracy of measurements which mechanical devices are not always able to provide.

One more advantage of the electronic instrument – presentation of data presentation. Usually such hygrometer has the convenient digital indicator on which humidity level indoors is highlighted. Very often the device is universal and gives the chance to take readings of temperature, shows time and supplies with some other useful information on the environment. Household hygrometers of electronic type have modern design which perfectly fits into premises interior. These devices are compact and if desired can be installed in any point of space. Even color of the body of hygrometer can be picked up taking into account design of the room. There are also more difficult electronic instruments for measurement of humidity which incorporate several radio-controlled sensors. They can be mounted in the right places of the apartment or country house and also outside the room. The smart device collects information on humidity from several points at once, and the system of automatic control on the basis of these data makes changes to the climatic mode even in the absence of owners.

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