What insects destroy garden wreckers

What insects destroy garden wreckers

Garden wreckers are scourge of gardeners as they spoil plants and their harvest. Use of chemistry for their destruction is not ideal exit – it with equal success kills both mean, and useful insects. As it is possible to get rid of garden wreckers? The answer is simple - the nature will come to the rescue …

Ladybug, lacewing

It is possible to destroy the insects harming agriculture by means of other insects who eat garden wreckers and release plants without intervention from outside. Ladybugs, lacewings and predatory ticks known to all – the worst enemies of plant louse, web pincers and shchitovka treat them. So, predatory ticks exhaust web pincers in any stage of their development. Usually they are attracted in gardens by means of crops of fennel, mustard, fatseliya and other nectariferous plants.

It is possible to buy the small insects divorced in vitro like trikhogramm and to let out them in garden.

The ladybug (especially its larvae) will help with destruction of shchitovka, web pincers and plant louses. At mass reproduction of garden plant louse she is capable to gobble up in one day prior to 40 plant louses whereas its larva destroys 70 individuals. For the life this beautiful bug usually eats about 800 units of plant louse. The lacewing, or flernitsa lays the eggs near colony of plant louses and web pincers. Larvae of the lacewing are extremely gluttonous and possess the strong gryzushche-sucking oral device that allows them to destroy huge number of garden wreckers.

Zhurchalka and ukhovertka

Finish with mean insects of zhurchalka and ukhovertka not less effectively. So, the zhurchalka resembling wasps or bees superficially are absolutely harmless for the person and are extremely dangerous to wreckers. From their hatchesarmy eggs of larvae which exterminate plant louse the whole colonies. It is possible to attract zhurchalok on the territory of garden with crops of caraway seeds, parsley, cilantro and yellow colors of plantain.

Besides insects, with garden wreckers it is possible to fight against the help of toads, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, lizards and bats.

Ukhovyortka meets in gardens quite often – at night this insect eats web pincers, plant louse, layings of their eggs and even disputes of the mushrooms provoking diseases of plants. Besides, ukhovertka eat dead insects, moss, fruits and lobes. For all above-mentioned assistants to the gardener it is possible to create the artificial dwelling in the form of the flowerpot with straw suspended on branch. In the spring contents of pot should be changed for fresh straw. Besides these natural enemies of mean insects in garden large number of other hidden soldiers – spiders, flies parasites, ground beetles, predatory bugs and so on also works. They need to be known and preserved that they cleared garden of gluttonous wreckers.

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