What is basis under shadows

What is basis under shadows

makeup artists advise women always to put basis under shadows before covering eyelids with layer of decorative cosmetics. This product - not luxury, but need.

Women who like to apply shadows on eyelids often face certain problems. If the eyelid skin excessively dry, then decorative cosmetics lays down very unevenly and is quickly showered. If the eyelid skin is inclined to fat content, then shadows begin to gather in folds that looks very not esthetically.

Such cosmetic product as basis under shadows allows to solve above-mentioned problems. It is quite dense cream packed into jar or tube with the doser. Means volume, as a rule, is small as it is spent very slowly.

The basis under shadows needs to be applied on all mobile eyelid. After that it is necessary to wait some time that means was recorded on skin, and then to put decorative shadows by means of special brush. In this case it is better to refuse habitual way of putting decorative cosmetics by means of fingers of hands as it can lead to greasing of basis. Thanks to this really necessary product of shadow lay down on eyelids very even layer. They are not showered, not clogged into folds, keep on centuries much longer, than at habitual way of drawing. Besides, many bases have the masking properties. Their use helps to hide such minor defects of eyelid skin as expanded vessels, pigmentation. When using basis under shadows there is additional opportunity to make make-up brighter and bright.

Choosing basis under shadows in shop, it is necessary to pay surely attention to its main characteristics. The name of the producer in this case plays not the last role. On pages of the specialized websites on the Internet it is possible to meet set of positive reviews about the bases released the trademarks Lyumine, Art-Deko, Avon. There are also more expensive cosmetic products belonging to the class luxury. But their high cost for many is unacceptable. When choosing means it is necessary to study its structure attentively. In the list of ingredients there have to be no such harmful components as aluminum salts, parabens, synthetic fragrances. It is desirable that the cosmetic product performed not only decorative functions, but also looked after eyelid skin. Experts advise to stop the choice on the basis under shadows packed into tube with narrow neck or bottle with the doser. It allows to make use of means by more hygienic and significantly increases basis expiration date.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team