What is better the base from blocks for garage

In order that it is correct to choose type of the base for garage, it is required to consider several important points: level of underground water on the site, the soil frost depth, soil type, construction weight. Taking into account features of construction site build either column, or continuous footing.

It is required to you

  • - masonry units
  • - cement and sand solution
  • - marking lace
  • - pegs


1. It is possible to make the base of two types of masonry units: column and tape. The choice is made proceeding from conditions of construction site and weight of expected design. In what cases will the column base for garage be optimal solution? Such basis for construction is chosen if the soil on the site mobile, marshy or underground waters close approach its surface. This option is good and in case it is necessary to save on construction material. The main advantage of this type of the base that it is better than others resists to influence of forces of rebound of soil. Therefore if the soil on the site of the increased importance, the risk of deformation of garage or its basis during the periods of freezing defrosting of soil is minimized.

2. Depth of installation of columns depends on characteristic conditions of the area. If in this region the soil freezes through on depth less, than 100 cm, it is possible to stop on the melkozaglublenny column base. The column sole in this case has to be located at distance 0.5-0.7 from point of freezing (TPG). For example, if TPG corresponds to 1 m, then columns can be established on depth of 50-70 cm from the surface of the soil. If construction is planned massive and from heavy construction material (blocks, brick), columns are recommended to be strengthened grillage. That is to connect them among themselves concrete tape.

3. Advantages of continuous footing for garazhaeto the most widespread type of the base for small constructions. It differs in the reliability and durability, but demands big labor costs at construction. On its construction it will be required the bigger number of blocks and binding solution, than on construction of the column base is considerable. The tape basis for garage is done most often melkozaglublenny. It is suitable for any type of soil with TPG not lower than 1.5 m.

4. The main objective at construction of such basis from masonry units is to sustain horizontal. Try to obtain the largest accuracy of works by means of hydraulic level. In each 2-3 row of continuous footing lay the reinforcing material: armature bars. It gives to the basis for garage the required durability. For its device it will be required and the bigger amount of waterproofing material is considerable, than on the column base as they need to cover all surface of tape. Therefore if the main objective at construction of the basis is economy of material and money, it is better to choose the first option: column support from masonry units.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team