What is brick panels

What is brick panels

The huge range of facing materials creates certain difficulties with the choice of optimal variant. Today the popularity is gained by the brick panels allowing to improve thermal insulation of the house and having unique strength characteristics.

Brick panels are front facing thermoinsulating modules under oblitsovochy brick, sometimes even call them brick. They are made of quality German tile, and for warming polyurethane foam is used.

Brick tile — material known for the fine characteristics. Special clay which differs in very low water absorption is applied to its production. Thanks to it brick panels are very resistant to temperature drops and humidity, sunshine and ultraviolet and also another adverse environmental conditions. They do not become covered by cracks in the winter as plaster, do not decay and are not subject to corrosion unlike plastic or metal. Brick front thermopanels allow to make house facade durable, cozy and strong.

Facing by brick panels

Finishing by brick tile does not demand any preparatory work. Panels just fasten to wall by means of dowels or self-tapping screws, in the subsequent it is necessary to embroider seams. Such mounting mode does not depend on weather patterns at all therefore it is possible to warm the house brick heatpanels even in the winter. Thanks to the fact that material passes steam and gas in the house there will be no "hothouse effect", walls will "breathe".

However much facing will serve much longer if to carry out it in due form. To level walls, to progruntovat, apply glue-foam, then to fix panels so that there were no slightest gaps even. In that case seams will not "walk", exterior will remain at height for many years, but the paropropuskaniye will decrease a little.

Advantages of brick tile

  • Small weight, up to 25 kg for square meter
  • Heat protection
  • Respectable exterior
  • Simple and fast mounting, it is possible to revet with brick tile facade in one day

Shortcomings of brick tile

  • Polyurethane foam changes over time the linear sizes because of what can "lead" brick panels
  • The thin layer of polyurethane foam can lead to the fact that the dew point will appear in wall — as a result of wall will decay. That to avoid it, important correctly to calculate thermoinsulating characteristics of all materials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team