What is cassette rolled curtains

What is cassette rolled curtains

Cassette rolled curtains are the special type of blinds differing in special manufacturing techniques. They consist of cartridges and cloth with side guides. Apply such curtains to registration of windows and door openings.

Operation principle

The operation principle of cassette rolled curtains is quite simple. If necessary the cloth falls or climbs glass, at the same time during curtain raising fabric is taken up in roll and flees by so special cartridge, decorative box. Cassette rolled curtains can fasten in different ways: self-tapping screws, bilateral adhesive tape. It should be taken into account that cassette rolled curtains are established only at thickness of window fillet not less than 8 mm.

Cassette curtains are usually made individually on window width. It is for this purpose important to measure window correctly. Width and height of future curtains are measured on glass width from edge to fillet edge.

Such curtains by means of the universal system of reducers, or by means of the electric drive and control board cope. The automatic system is easily integrated into Smart home technology.

Advantages of cassette rolled curtains

Thanks to ample opportunities of the cassette mechanism, curtain it is possible to hang up on plastic windows of any forms, and the design of curtains allows to open window in the different planes for airing of the room. The various color gamma and wide choice of fabric will allow to pick up that shade which will harmoniously fit into room interior. Cassette rolled curtains are simple in leaving. They are enough to be wiped with damp rag or sponge with addition of special cleanser.

Cassette rolled curtains are issued two types: UNI-1 and UNI-2. Curtains of UNI-1 system more compact. They are established only on windows with direct fillet and more than 1 cm in depth. UNI-2 system is suitable for any form of fillet.

Such curtains can be made of the dense fabrics which are doing not pass light or from translucent cloths. Therefore they can be used as night curtains or tulle. There is model range day-night. Such curtains consist of two cloths located in one plane. Cloths consist of the transparent and dense alternating strips. If to establish fabrics so that transparent strips have coincided, the curtain will pass sunlight. If slightly to shift one of cloths and to combine transparent strips of one layer with opaque another, curtain to turn into dense protection against light. Cassette rolled curtains can be independent element of registration of window or be combined with original curtains, tulle, lambrequins. It is fine option of registration of balcony windows and verandah.

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