What is gas-concrete blocks

What is gas-concrete blocks

Today there is huge amount of various construction materials. All of them has the merits and demerits. However some of them very successfully combine the low specific weight, high strength, small cost and simplicity of processing. Gas-concrete blocks belong to such materials.

Gas-concrete blocks represent type of the structural construction components executed from gas concrete. Their main features are: extremely low density, the high soundproofing and heat-insulating properties. Therefore such blocks are very widely used in construction today.

The gas concrete belongs to one of types of foam mortar. It is made from quartz sand, water, binding substance and gas-forming additives. Portland cement, lime, plaster usually acts as binding substance. Gas-forming additives are aluminum powder or paste.

Production of gas-concrete blocks begins with mixing of initial components and their room in big forms. When cement begins to harden, during reaction of water and aluminum in the alkaline environment hydrogen is formed. It provides uniform foaming of all volume of mix. After primary hardening the big fragments of gas concrete are taken from forms and cut on blocks. Further blocks are tempered or the ferry in autoclaves, or by heating in electric ovens. Respectively, distinguish autoclave and not autoclave gas concrete. There is big variety of nomenclatures of gas concrete and, respectively, types of gas-concrete blocks. Density of gas concrete can vary from 200 to 1200 kg/m³. Blocks with low density have the small durability, but high heat-insulating properties. They are often used for filling of walls in high-rise construction. Blocks of average density (600 kg/m³) carry to constructional and heat-insulating. From them it is admissible to build constructions of low number of storeys. The dense gas concrete is full-fledged constructive material. It maintains pressure to 200 kgfs/cm².Газобетонные blocks - eco-friendly construction material. They do not emit toxic and noxious to health substances. Indicators of natural radioactivity of gas-concrete blocks are much lower, than at brick and reinforced concrete. Therefore today their popularity as construction material only grows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team