What is hydroponics

What is hydroponics

The hydroponics is excellent method of cultivation of plants without use of the earth today. Thanks to this way, you will be able to receive excellent rich harvest in short terms. Time to learn in more detail about hydroponics has come.

At cultivation of plants by means of hydroponics the substrates acting as soil substitutes are used. They are used only for creation of certain support for root system, but not for power supply. Nutrients are in available form for plants therefore roots develop very quickly. In the industry that factor is important also that by means of hydroponics much less water is used, than at normal waterings.

The hydroponics can be also applied with success in household, the equipment does not demand enormous expenses, to bring together him will not make special work. In the small square you will be able to grow up large number of plants. For hydroponics various substrates are used: gravel, haydite, slag, vermiculite, coarse-grained sand and perlite. They should not interfere with growth of roots, react with salts of various solutions. They have to be sterile, strong and non-toxic.

Oxygen stimulates fast development of root system in hydroponics, quickly there is process of absorption of useful substances. When using hydroponics the productivity of plants significantly rises. Active and intensive blossoming of decorative copies proves positive impact of hydroponics on their growth. Plants grow healthy and strong, than in the simple soil. Plants at such method of cultivation do not accumulate in themselves the harmful elements which are harmful influencing human body. The soil can contain excess of nitrates, poisonous organic compounds, heavy metals and radionuclides. When using hydroponics, the grown-up cultures receive only useful substances. Plants do not need to be watered daily, it is one more advantage of this way of landing. Rather only systematically to add water to capacity. The plants which are grown up in soil quite often suffer from lack of oxygen and drying. In hydroponics these problems are excluded. Also you will avoid such problems as types of diseases and fungi, wreckers who often meet in the soil. Questions of use of toxic chemicals disappears by itself. And from the practical point of view it is very simple to look after such plants, there is no earth and dirt, it is not necessary to loosen and dig up, there are no foreign smells and wreckers. Thanks to hydroponics, process of cultivation of vegetables, greens and other cultures gives only pleasure. This system can be completely automated.

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