What is necessary for abundant blossoming of aster one-year

What is necessary for abundant blossoming of aster one-year

Aster one-year - the favourite of September flower beds. it is photophilous and transfers frosts to - 4 wasps. Will show the best decorative qualities when performing small conditions of cultivation.

Important condition of receiving beautiful plants are solar or slightly shaded places in garden, with soils not heavy, vlago- and aircapacious, fertile and the main thing - not sour. To the soil where landing of aster is planned, it is impossible to bring manure, plants will hurt fusariosis. It is impossible to grow up asters after gladioluses, tulips and carnations for the same reason. On the former place of landing of plant return 4-5 years later.

At aster good root system and when planting seedling it is necessary to consider necessary distance between plants that the area of power supply was sufficient for ""accommodation"". So, low plants have not less the 10-15th from each other, srednerosly - not less the 20-25th, tall - not less the 30-40th.

Care for annual asters the most normal. Weeding, loosening, watering and fertilizing. Plants generally mineral fertilizers dry or liquid feed up. Organic fertilizers are admissible to be applied only on poor soils. Two weeks later after planting of seedling in flower beds when asters completely take root, do the first fertilizing. Nitrogen fertilizer of 8-10g/sq.m (urea or ammonium nitrate), phosphoric 15-20g/sq.m (superphosphate), potash 10-15g/sq.m (sulfate of potassium or chloride potassium). The subsequent two fertilizing carry out at the beginning of promotion of buds and blossoming. As a part of fertilizing only phosphorus (30-40g/sq.m) and potassium (15-2g/sq.m). Nitrogen fertilizers at the same time do not use as they considerably reduce resistance of aster to fusariosis. Asters praise on additional introduction on fertilizer leaves with microelements (pine forest, zinc, molybdenum, magnesium, cobalt, manganese).

Watering of young plants in dry weather is obligatory, otherwise they can remain dwarfs. But it is necessary to remember that asters do not take out overwetting.  

Growing up asters it is possible to see often as leaves at plants become ""crumpled"" and are wrinkled. Plants need to help and process them against wreckers-tripsov insecticide, for example, Inta-virom, ""Spark"", Fitoverm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team