What is necessary the base for the two-storeyed house

What is necessary the base for the two-storeyed house

In the choice of type of the basis for the two-storeyed house it is necessary to consider several important points. Depth of bookmark should be counted according to the rule of construction of the bases for low houses.


1. Two-storeyed houses are considered as low, but having very considerable weight. Therefore special requirements are imposed to foundation of such building. In order that the base has not sunk, has not cracked and could maintain adequately considerable loadings within long decades, before its construction it is recommended to carry out engineering-geological researches. This task is carried out by the staff of the specialized organizations. They take samples of soil and carry out all necessary calculations.

2. Professional advice to the private developer Esli is not present opportunity to conduct geological researches of the area, it makes sense to pay attention to the recommendations of professionals in the field of construction of low houses. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the basis under the two-storeyed house has to have considerable durability. Therefore for independently built monolithic plates or tapes (irrespective of extent of their deepening in soil) it is recommended to use concrete of the highest brands: M-250 (V20), M-300 (V22.5) or M-350 (V25).

3. For reinforcing it is necessary to use qualitative armature: for horizontal grids – corrugated with a section of 12-14 mm, for vertical racks – smooth with a section of 8-10 mm. If the house in length exceeds 10 m, then it will be required to make strengthening of the base by means of three-meter bars of armature. They have to settle down on perimeter of the basis and have section not less than 12 mm.

4. Main types of the bases for two-storeyed brick domaeto the monolithic tape and plate bases. The choice of the basis of any given type directly depends on what conditions on the construction site. If soil unstable (sands, sandy loam) or the area is often waterlogged, recommended to stop attention on monolithic plate. It is steadiest and will be the reliable basis for two-storeyed construction. Advantage of the plate base and that it is better, than tape compensates soil motions because of the big weight and the occupied volume.

5. Monolithic (or the national team) concrete tape – the optimum choice for small two-storeyed constructions. Such basis (if the type of the soil and level of underground water allows) can be and melkozaglublenny, that is, put at depth of 50-70 cm. If conditions are that that more considerable deepening is required, count it according to the rule of construction of low houses: on each floor 0.8 m are necessary. That is, if the house two-storeyed, the base of foundation has to be at depth not less than 1.6 m.

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