What is nyudovy lipstick

What is nyudovy lipstick

main effect which creates nyudovy make-up it is the maximum naturalness. Most of women mistakenly consider that lipstick in this case surely has to be corporal shades. Actually, the nyudovy palette is very different, and among the wide range of shades it is possible to pick up cosmetics for any type of skin and appearance.

Properties of nyudovy lipstick

Nyudovy lipstick is ideally combined practically with any kind of make-up. It is possible to allocate eyes by means of bright cosmetics or to use gentle and almost imperceptible palette – any of these options ideally is in harmony with natural shade of lips. The main goal of use of nyudovy lipstick is visual increase in volume of lips and underlining of naturalness of make-up or creation of emphasis on separate parts of the face.

If to apply foundation, and then layer of colourless gloss on lips, then the effect of nyudovy lipstick will be gained.

If you prefer bright make-up of eyes, then nyudovy lipstick will become for you ideal tool for balance between creativity and femininity. Most of experts recommend to distinguish either the upper, or lower part of the person. Otherwise the make-up can turn out ordinary-looking or, on the contrary, too vulgar. To pick up even light shades of lipstick sometimes very difficult. In this case the Nud palette which will make appearance of the person accurate and well-groomed will come to the rescue.

Besides, when using lipstick of shades of Nud it is possible to change face skin shade. Thanks to special texture and correctly picked up tone, suntan is emphasized and additional swarthiness is given.

Nyudovy lipstick was popular in the 1960th years. At that time the gentle make-up was combined with graceful shooters in the eyes.

How to pick up nyudovy lipstick

All types of nyudovy shades can be divided into two categories – beige and pink palette. Choosing lipstick, it is necessary to pay attention to the skin first of all. It is better for representatives of light type to use pinkish-lilac shades, and to owners of swarty skin – beige, corporal and sand tone.

Nyudovy shades of lipstick can be found in the assortment practically of any modern producer of decorative cosmetics.

The main rule of the choice of shade of nyudovy lipstick – cosmetic has to be on two or even three tones are lighter than your skin. Pay attention that Nud shades on lips ideally are in harmony only with peach or bronze tones of blush. It is not recommended to use too bright shades for allocation of cheekbones. The effect will be opposite to expectations. Very important when using lipstick of nyudovy color to make absolutely faultless make-up. All defects of skin have to be carefully disguised by means of the adjusting means. It is possible to use hints of experienced experts, having studied special videocourses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team