What is the Alpine hill

What is the Alpine hill

The rock garden has appeared in the European landscaping in the 18th century. Originally gardeners created fancy compositions from stones: hills, grottoes, volume chipped granite structures or boulders. For contrast not numerous evergreen plants and ferns landed nearby.

History of emergence

Over time the popularity was won by the compositions in natural style imitating natural Alpine landscape. Large stones kept within think over-are chaotically, the space between them was filled with the dekorativnolistvenny and blossoming plants characteristic of the Alps. Such flower beds were arranged in parks and private gardens, they looked not strikingly, but it is rather unusual, perfectly fitting into fashionable landscape style.

With development of landscape art of the hill have been modernized. They reminded normal flower bed from various plants with impregnations of beautiful stones. For creation of rock garden used flowers and herbs of any regions. The main thing – effective exterior and simplicity of leaving.

Modern rock garden or the Alpine hill – landscape composition in the form of small and not too high hill. In the center the large stone or stone group is established, the same boulders make out rock garden sides. Plants land terraces, melkotsvetushchy types alternate with dekorativnolistvenny. It is possible to include undersized bushes with leaves of interesting form in composition or tiny hvoynik.  

The ideal hill imitates natural natural landscape. It should not be ideally symmetric, stones need to be spread according to the scheme which is thought over in advance. Plants land densely, without gaps. For rock garden take stones of the different size, they not only decorate the hill, but also help to look after landings. It is convenient to step on large flat boulders during the watering, fertilizer and fertilizing of plants.

Secrets of beautiful rock garden

Correctly organized Alpine hill will become ornament even of the small site, with success replacing traditional bed. It effectively looks against the background of cut lawns or paved paths, green hedge or wall of the house. Excellent addition – small reservoir or stone sculpture.

That the rock garden looked naturally, for it take stones of one color and structure. It is possible to use either smooth boulders, or layered breeds. Real masters select cobble-stones in one gamma with plants. Warm beige and brown tone are well combined with cream, orange, scarlet, burgundy yellow or turquoise colors. Cold gray stones will effectively emphasize blue, blue, lilac, violet, snow-white buds.

For hills select creeping or undersized plants. Most often plant perennials, but it is possible to add also annual plants, they will bring pleasant variety and will refresh rock garden. Among the most popular flowers there are awl-shaped phloxes, carnation, mignonette, alissum, salviya, silverweed, spireya, daisies, nasturtiums. Bright buds will shade dwarfish fir-trees, juniper, hoya, crassula. In rock garden it is possible to plant fragrant spicy herbs: mint, marjoram, basil, melissa, sage.

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